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Advantages of Using Dolomite Brick in Cement KilnsThe important component material of dolomite brick is dolomite. The theoretical composition of pure raw materials is MgO 42%, CaO 58%; the total amount of SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3 is less than 3%. The biggest Advantages of Using Dolomite Brick in Cement Kilns are its price advantage and good adhesion of kiln skin.

From the main component point of view, dolomite brick has the characteristics of easy digestion. It is broken down into pieces in 2 to 3 weeks without waterproofing. Therefore, it brings great difficulties to the use of dolomite bricks.

At present, the advancement of packaging and impregnation technology has made the manufactured dolomite bricks stored for one year and then used again without problems.Dolomite bricks are widely used in the high temperature zone of cement kilns because of their good chemical resistance.The Advantages of Using Dolomite Brick in Cement Kilns are as follows:(1) Excellent kiln skin performanceBecause the dolomite brick is under high temperature, the cement clinker in the liquid phase will cause the surface layer of the brick body to be eroded.

When the temperature rises to 1450 C, f-CaO in dolomite bricks will react with dicalcium sulfate in cement clinker. This creates a protective layer on the surface of the brick. And because the melting point of C2S and C3S is relatively large, the film is not easy to disappear, so the protective layer of kiln skin produced on the surface layer of the brick is relatively stable.

(2) Excellent corrosion resistanceBecause there is f-CaO in the dolomite brick, it can generate a relatively strong protective film-kiln skin on the surface layer of the brick. The newly-generated kiln skin can effectively prevent the liquid phase in the cement clinker from diffusing into the brick body of the dolomite brick. It reduces the corrosion and flaking of refractory bricks.

Moreover, the thickness of the newly-generated kiln skin makes the temperature of the refractory brick drop. As a result, the chemical corrosion and heat load on the refractory bricks are reduced, thereby increasing the use time of dolomite bricks.(3) The heat loss of the cement kiln body is reducedBecause a thick protective film is formed on the surface of the dolomite brick.

The temperature is reduced, and the heat dissipated through the inner wall of the rotary kiln is small. This can increase economic efficiency and reduce energy consumption.Disadvantages of dolomite bricksWeak resistance to hydration is the most serious weakness of dolomite bricks.

In the preparation, output and other processes, it will encounter air and react with water vapor, causing it to be seriously hydrated. In addition, poor thermal shock stability leads to large-scale cracks in the cement rotary kiln when it is used intermittently, which damages the rotary kiln.The main schemes to improve its thermal shock stability include: improving the firing system, selecting the appropriate particle gradation, adding appropriate additives, etc.

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High Alumina Anchor Brick RS Fire Bricks Manufacturer & Supplier China
High alumina anchor brick is a kind of aluminum silicate refractory product with an Al2O3 content higher than 45% and made of mineral materials such as corundum, high alumina or sillimanite. High aluminum anchoring brick has the advantages of high fire resistance, strong acid and alkali slag resistance, and high mechanical strength at high temperature. It is widely used in the furnace roof and furnace wall. If you are interested in high alumina anchor bricks, please feel free contact us for free price list.Anchor brick is generally made of high alumina material having an Al 2O 3 content of no less than 55% , whose bulk density is about 2.34 g/cm 3, compressive strength is more than 50MPa, and refiring linear expansion is about 0. 05% under the temperature of 1500. High alumina refractory material has high refractoriness, strong acid and alkali slag corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength at high temperature, so it is often used in masonry blast furnaces, hot blast stoves and various heating furnaces to improve the service life of the furnace body. Thats why we often call anchor brick as high alumina anchor brick.High alumina anchor brick, also called suspended brick and non-metallic anchoring parts, is new type of refractory brick for industrial furnace top construction. High quality high-alumina bauxite clinker is used as the aggregate, particle gradation is reasonable, soft clay and the waste pulp paper liquid are used as the binder to make mud material, the mud material is weighed by the electronic scale, so high alumina anchor brick are formed by high pressure molding, dried and fired at high temperature.Due to the field of use, the shape of high alumina anchor bricks is more complicated. In the process of use, high alumina anchor bricks must withstand the effects of high temperature, high pressure, load, hot air flow, atmosphere, periodic hot and cold, so the environmental conditions of them are harsh. High alumina anchor brick is new type of refractory brick for industrial furnace top construction, comprising a column composed of a hanging end and an anchor, and groove distribution on the surface of the anchor. Ribs are offered along the length direction on at least one surface of the anchor body. After the ribs are set, the tensile strength of the anchor is significantly improved due to the reinforcement and tensile effects of the ribs. The stress generated at the groove is blocked at the rib and cannot be transmitted continuously. Therefore, anchor bricks of this structure are less prone to breakage.High alumina anchor brick is an industrial furnace top and furnace wall brick, which is embedded in the refractory castable wall and can be used after being baked at a certain high temperature to enhance the overall performance of the refractory castable. High alumina anchor brick for sale in RS company has the following features:High Mechanical StrengthHigh RefractorinessStrong Resistance to Acid and Alkali SlagGood Anti-strip PerformanceExcellent Thermal Shock ResistanceHigh alumina anchor brick can be divided into two types: semi-dry press molding and casting vibration molding based on the molding process.In China, the anchor bricks produced by most manufacturers are machine-formed and fired at high temperature, with high strength, good thermal shock resistance and strong peeling resistance. Due to the field of use, the shape of the high alumina anchor bricks is more complicated. Carefully apply mud from both sides to prevent gas from leaking from the top of the furnace.High alumina anchor brickshould be built to ensure the size of the joints and correctly determine the hanging metal parts.The hanging part of high alumina anchor brickshouldnt have any loss. Air hardening mud is generally used to prevent gas leakage in the furnace due to mud removal.An expansion joint should be appropriately placed between the furnace body and the hanging brick.As a professional refractory material factory, RS company devotes to our customers pre-sales and after-sales work all the time, so that our companys users feel that they can trust us and always want to cooperate with us. Everyone who is willing to buy high quality and cheap anchor bricks, please fell free contact us for free quotation.Originally published at
Red Silica Mullite Bricks Cheap Refractory Fire Brick for Sale Supplier
The Red Silica Mullite Bricks are made of andalusite, brown corundum, high alumina bauxite clinker, silicon carbide, and a binder. After granulating and powdering, the mixture is mixed in a certain proportion, and then pressed and formed at high temperature. This Refractory Brick Products with high softness, high strength, low thermal conductivity, strong flexibility, moderate density, and high abrasion resistance. Mainly used in cement rotary kiln transition zone and kiln mouth, lime rotary kiln, nickel iron rotary kiln and other kiln.Red Silica Mullite Bricks have high softness, high flexibility, better high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, and better thermal insulation. Because the Red Silica Mullite Brick is still a high aluminum-silicon carbide series product, its material properties determine its low thermal conductivity. Simultaneous temperature can be reduced by 50 C during the same period, the Red Silica Mullite Bricks can fully adapt to the environmental requirements of frequent fluctuations in the temperature of the front transition zone.Physical and Chemical Indexes of Red Silica Mullite BricksProperties and Uses of Red Silica Mullite BricksRed Silica Mullite Bricks are mainly made of super high alumina bauxite, large crystalline silicon carbide, andalusite, fused white corundum, etc., with high-quality binders and additives, high pressure molding and high temperature sintering. The Red Silica Mullite Brick is a refractory brick developed for the transition zone and cooling zone based on the severe requirements of refractory materials in large and medium-sized cement rotary kiln. On the basis of conventional Silica Mullite Bricks, by adding andalusite raw materials, it further strengthens the thermal shock resistance and heat insulation performance, and increases the load softening temperature.Performance Advantages:High soft load and excellent high temperature resistance (The actual measured value of the softening temperature of the load is stable above 1680 C, which has been greatly improved on the basis of silicon molybdenum brick, and it is comparable to magnesium alumina spinel brick. )High strength, abrasion resistance, not easy to peel and erosion (the actual detection value of its strength is stable above 160MPa, which is more than three times the strength of spinel bricks. The strength is increased, it is not easy to be damaged during transportation, and it can be fully improved Its abrasion resistance, so it is very suitable to use at 2 3 meters of kiln mouth).Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect (The thermal conductivity of magnesia-alumina spinel bricks is too large, which results in high temperature in simplified Chinese. Because the silicon and red bricks are still high-aluminum-silicon carbide products, their material characteristics determine To lower its thermal conductivity. Simultaneous temperature can be reduced by more than 50 during the same period)Excellent thermal shock resistance (its good thermal shock stability can fully adapt to the environmental requirements of frequent fluctuations in the temperature of the front transition zone)The density is moderate, and the simplified load is reduced (the bulk density of the silicon red brick is 8% lower than that of magnesium aluminum spinel bricks, which leads to a reduction of more than 8% of the simplified load of the silicon red brick within the same kiln unit length)As one of the Silica Mullite Bricks manufacturers, RS Cheap Refractory Fire Bricks for Sale Supplier, provide you with much more selection, lower price, faster delivery! Please contact us for more details of the Red Silica Mullite Bricks.Originally published at com.
Kiln Fire Bricks Cheap Refractory Fire Brick for Sale Supplier
In general, the main purpose of refractory bricks for kiln furnaces is to make the kiln more efficient and not to delay the production of kiln linings fire bricks during the production process. Therefore, the kiln fire bricks should be selected based on the longevity and efficient production of the kiln. Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Manufacturer has more than 10 years experiences, provide all kinds of cheap refractory bricks for the different thermal furnaces lining. RS with its professional technical team also custom the refractory materials for the industrial furnaces. Waiting for your visit!RS Kiln Linings Fire BricksThere are many types of industrial kiln and the structure is also complicated. Therefore, the selection and application of refractory bricks for industrial kiln often have great differences. Industrial kiln, no matter which fire bricks to be choose as the kiln ling, it must meet the following requirements:First, it can withstand high temperature without softening or melting;Secondly, the refractory brick must withstand the high temperature load, can not lose the internal structure and strength of the refractory brick, does not deform, has good high temperature volume stability, small change of reheating line, can resist high temperature gas erosion and slag erosion;The size of the refractory bricks is regular as the Kiln Linings Fire Bricks.Buy Kiln Fire BrickThe refractory brick is an inorganic non-metallic material having a refractoriness of not less than 1580 C. The stability of refractory bricks when resisting high temperature in the absence of load, that is, the property of not melting and softening under high temperature and no load condition is called refractoriness, which indicates the basic properties of refractory bricks. Since refractory bricks are mainly used as structural materials for thermal equipment such as high temperature furnaces and high temperature containers and components for industrial use, they are required to withstand various physical, chemical, and mechanical effects.If you are in need to buy kiln fire brick, please dont hesitate, Rongsheng refractory manufacturer will serve you directly!Kiln Fire Brick ManufacturerThe kiln fire bricks usually include zirconium corundum bricks, high-purity silica bricks, sintered mullite bricks, low porosity porosity clay bricks, lightweight clay insulation bricks, high alumina bricks, and direct combination of magnesia chrome bricks.The above is a part of the refractory bricks used in the kiln. Our customer service pursues refinement, from pre-sales consultation to product introduction in sales, all of which are customer-focused and aim to solve various problems of refractory materials for customers. If you want to learn more detailed kiln linings fire bricks, please contact Rongsheng Refractory.Originally published at com on October 24, 2019.
Alumina Silica Fire Brick for Sale Rongsheng High Alumina Refractory
Alumina Silica Fire Brick for Sale belong to the group of alumina-silica refractory products. This kind of products are applied widely in iron, steel, glass, and nonferrous metals industries under high temperatures. Rongsheng refractory provides all kinds of alumina silica brick bricks in low price. Alumina silica fire bricks plays an important role in various high temperature industries.Basic chemical components are silicon oxide (SiO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3). We have excellent alumina silica firebrick for sale at a competitive price. There Are Three Major Categories Of Alumina Silica Fire Brick for Sale:Semi Siliceous Products (Al2O330%)Fire Clay Products (30%Al2O348%)High Alumina Products (Al2O348%)Different raw materials and volumes of component determine the kind of products.The Universal Properties Of High-Purity Alumina Silica Fire Bricks:High Temperature Bulk DensityExcellent Capacity of Refractoriness under loadHigh Thermal ConductivityLow PorosityExcellent Abrasion Resistant AbilityExcellent Thermal Shock PerformanceOur Main Products Of Alumina Silica Fire Brick for Sale:Semi Siliceous Product(Al2o330%)Alkali Resistant BrickSilica Bricks for Hot Air StoveFire Clay Products (30%Al2o348%)Low Porosity Refractory Fireclay BricksRefractory Fireclay BricksInsulating Fireclay BricksRefractory Fire clay bricks for blast furnaceFire clay bricks for hot air glass furnaceHigh Alumina Products(Al2o348%)As A Specialist of Refractory Materials, We Have:Twenty-years practice in producing refractory materialsFour associated factories with one trading companyMonthly provide 6,000 ton products for our customersInternationally advanced automatic batching system and production equipment.Certificated by ISOLIRR, BV and TUV.Customized products for special uses.Offer high quality after-sales service.Our Alumina Silica Fire Brick for Sale products have been shipped all around the world, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, etc. welcome to buy alumina silica firebrick at Rongsheng and enjoy our high quality service. Please leave your massage and we will be in contact as soon as possible.Looking for High Alumina Refractory?Leave Your Requirement Now! We Will Reply You In 12 Hours!:Originally published at com.
Direct-Bonded Magnesia Chrome Brick RS Cheap Fire Bricks for Sale
Magnesia chrome bricks are basic refractory product whichs main crystalline phase is periclase and magnesia chrome spinel. Direct-bondedmagnesia chrome brick is made from low impurity chromite and high purity calcined magnesite. Their sintering temperature is above 1700. The main bonding type of direct bonded magnesia chrome brick is direct contact, magnesia and chromite are closely contacted with each other, silicate is expelled to corners. Therefore, this phenomenon is called periclase-periclase and periclase-chromite direct bonding. Compared with ordinary magnesia chrome bricks, direct bonding magnesia chrome bricks have higher purity and higher sintering temperature. Direct Bonded Magnesia Chrome Bricks CharacteristicsLow impurity content and high direct bonding ratio.Good resistance to so slag resistance.Excellent high temperature performance and thermal shock resistance.Refractoriness under load temperature is higher than 1650, or higher than 1700. Direct-Bonded Magnesia Chrome Brick Physiochemical IndexThe Manufacturer of Direct Bonded Magnesia Chrome BrickRongsheng Direct bonded magnesia chrome bricks are mainly used in rotary cement kiln, steel making electric furnace lining, refinery furnaces, glass kiln and so on. With excellent performance and energy-saving. Various high quality fire bricks for sale in RS Kiln Refractory Company, such as high alumina bricks, fire clay bricks, magnesia bricks, magnesia chrome bricks, insulating fire bricks,etc. Everyone who wants to learn more about magnesia alumina spinel bricks, Email us for getting what you want right now!Originally published at
Anchor Brick for Industrial Furnace Cheap Fire Bricks for Sale
Anchor brick is a type of refractory brick for the roof of industrial furnaces, which includes a pillar composed of a hanging end and an anchor. The grooves distributed at intervals on the surface of the anchor body are provided with ribs along at least one surface of the anchor body along the length direction. After the ribs are provided, due to the reinforcement and pulling action of the ribs, the tensile strength of the anchor brick body is improved. Obviously, the stress generated in the groove is blocked at the ribs and cannot be transmitted, so the anchor brick of this structure is not easy to break.Anchor Refractory BricksAnchor bricks for industrial furnaces are divided into hanging bricks and perforated bricks. It is made of high-quality raw materials, machine-pressed or poured, and then sintered at high temperature. The alumina content of anchor bricks is above 55%, and the alumina content of high-quality anchor bricks can reach 75%. The load softening temperature of this type of refractory brick body can reach 1550 C, which is an excellent fire brick product. In general, the anchor brick for industrial furnaces will choose alumina content of 55%, because the anchor brick with 55% content is more flexible. In addition, it should be noted that the anchor brick refractory castable needs to be consistent with the anchor bricks material and proportion, and has the same expansion and contraction, so that it can form a close combination with the castable and extend the life of the furnace lining.Application of Anchor Brick for Industrial FurnaceAn industrial furnace or flue wall is roughly composed of an inner lining layer, a heat insulation layer and an outer wall layer. The inner lining is refractory brick, and the outer wall is ordinary sintered brick. These layers need to be anchored. Anchor bricks do just that. In addition, anchor bricks play an important role in laying straight walls, which can improve the integrity of straight walls.The layout and masonry of anchor bricks during use should follow the following principles:The arrangement of anchor bricks should be determined according to the range and frequency of temperature changes and the size of the wall area facing the wall, usually it should not be less than 6 pieces / m2.The anchor bricks must be carefully inspected before masonry. If there are cracks in the anchoring holes that affect the overall strength of the anchor bricks, they cannot be used, and they should be discarded firmly.When the masonry is close to the position of the anchor bricks, it is necessary to arrange the bricks in advance to determine the exact position of the anchor bricks.Use a wire brush to thoroughly clean the welding part of the metal shell, and use welding rods suitable for the welding parts to firmly weld the anchor pipe. Insert the anchor hook after the completion of the anchor brick, and fill the air raid with the refractory fiber felt and plug it tightly to form a certain protection for the anchor.RS Refractory Manufacturer has extensive experience in the production of refractory bricks. If you have an industrial furnace that requires anchor bricks, please contact us and our sales engineer will reply to you in the shortest time. Originally published at on January 10, 2020
Chrome Corundum Brick RS Refractory Fire Bricks Manufacturer
Chrome Corundum Brick for sale in RS under strict quality control, one kind of new top-grade refractory materials with high temperature performance, high strength and strong erosion resistance, is made of corundum and fused chromium oxide as the raw material, mixed with micro powder and other additive, and then through mixing, shaping, drying, sintering in the high temperature shuttle kiln. Chrome Corundum Brick is widely used for linings of high temperature furnaces or kilns in many industries of steel, building material, non-ferrous smelt, light industry and chemical industry. Free quote by Rongsheng Supplier.Description for Chrome Corundum BrickChrome Corundum Brick is a kind of refractory bricks made of certain raw materials prepared with chromium oxide green content and aluminium oxide and then forms one kind of complex solid solution that shows green before firing and shows amaranth after firing through melting at high temperature, which adopts special refractory materials manufacturing process can improve and enhance the products inner quality and high-temperature property. This kind of Corundum Brick has features of high refractoriness, high strength, good thermal shock resistance and strong erosion resistance. Chrome Corundum Brick plays excellent performance of wear, erosion and spalling resistance in industries application of metallurgy, glass, carbon black and petrochemical engineering.Chrome Corundum Brick PropertiesGood wear resistanceGood thermal shock resistanceGood acid and alkali resistanceGood chemical stabilityHigh fire resistanceBig intensityGreat high temperature performanceStrong StrengthLow PorosityHigh refractoriness under loadGood chemical attack assistancePerformance Analysis of Chrome Corundum BrickFire Resistance Property Add Cr2O3 into high purity corundum materials, which will not reduce the fire resistance of materials, but can improve the materials fire resistance property. Chrome Corundum Bricks refractoriness is over 1790 and refractoriness under load is over 1700, which are all higher than high purity corundum.Products Strength High purity corundum bricks cold crushing strength general is 70100Mpa, high-performance chrome corundum bricks cold crushing strength general is over 150Mpa, its strength is higher than corundum. Because in the firing process, all form the Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution between particle and particle, particle and fines, fines and fines. This solid solution likes a bridge connect particle and fines, which enhance greatly the strength of materials.Thermal Shock Resistance Add Cr2O3 into the corundum, when the Cr2O3 content is about 1066%, the materials thermal shock resistance will reduce with the Cr2O3 contents increase. That is, when the Chrome Corundum Brick with low Cr2O3 content, its thermal shock resistance is better than the Chrome Corundum Brick with higher Cr2O3 content. Slag Erosion Resistance The solubility of Cr2O3 in the coal gasifier slag (SiO2CaO) and all kinds of glass melt is much smaller than other oxides materials. So Cr2O3 or refractory materials with Cr2O3 has good corrosion resistance to steel slag, nonferrous metallurgy slag, coal gasifier slag and all kinds of glass melt. Liquid viscosity formed by Cr2O3 melt or Cr2O3 reacting with furnace slag is higher than other low melting materials, which prevent that the molten slag infiltrate into brick interior along with the capillary pore and avoid the structure spalling caused of forming metamorphic layer. Physical and Chemical Index of Chrome Corundum BrickApplication of Chrome Corundum BrickChrome Corundum Brick is widely used in zinc smelting electric furnace, volatilizezing kiln with excellent properties of thermal shock resistance and high-temperature creep.Chrome Corundum Bricks are mainly used for lining of carbon soot furnace and copper smelting furnace, the skid rail molten pool of glass furnaces, and tapping platform of rolling mill furnace.Chrome Corundum Bricks also can be used in highly stressed areas in contact with glass in melting tanks. Chrome Corundum Brick is mainly used in areas that require high abrasion and temperature resistance, such as gliding rail bricks in steel pusher metallurgical furnaces, the tapping platform (tapping spout) style walking beam furnaces.Chrome Corundum Brick ManufacturerRongsheng, as a professional Refractory Fire Bricks Manufacturer in China, manufactures high quality Chrome Corundum Brick for customers requirements! Looking for Cheap Chrome Corundum Brick from Rongsheng Refractory Factory! Contact Us For Low Price!Leave your requirements about our refractory bricks. We will reply you within 24 hours. :Originally published at com.
How Travertine Tile Is Prepared for Flooring and Wall Tile ...
As old an option it is for a sturdy and reliable building material, travertine tile remains to be a highly diverse natural stone, suitable for all kinds of applications. Travertine was used in the ancient world, but can also be found as a major component of many modern buildings such as the Getty Centre in Los Angeles, and the UCLA medical centre. Travertine tile is used as floor tile in both residential and commercial settings, as well as a decorative option for wall cladding and backsplashes. Travertine tile has both indoor and outdoor uses, being a durable stone, and can be both functional and aesthetically striking.Processing travertine tile Travertine is removed from the earth in large blocks before it is cut into what can be recognized as travertine tile. It may be cut in any of the following ways:Cross-cut - The travertine is cut with the grain of the stone bedding and on the same layer as it is formed in the earth. This makes for a more uniform texture and color Vein cut - the travertine is cut across several layers of the stone bedding, making for a more mottled, tiger-stripe effect when cut into tiles After the travertine is quarried, it is strictly selected for color variances, and further assessed after it is cut for holes and chipped edges. Beyond the selection process, the travertine may be subject to any of the following processes Honed - the surface of the tile is sanded to create a matte finish Tumbled - the travertine is literally tumbled with gravel and bearings, giving it a rough-hewn, aged appearance.Brushed - a wire brush is used to give the surface of the travertine tile a worn, textured surface Filled - The pores in the travertine tile are filled with colored resin or cement to produce a pristine, solid surface.Polished - the travertine is sanded and polished, producing a shiny look A featured design element of which anyone would find to be a source of pride, the popularity of travertine seems to be undiminished. In fact, choosing travertine tile for flooring and for wall tile is getting to be more and more popular!Learn more about travetine tile and buy at article was posted on August 22, 2006
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