Can a 12 Volt 150 AmH Battery Be Charged by a 20-watt Solar Panel?

Yes it will charge the battery in Bright Sunny 100 hours.Assuming 4 Bright Sunny Hours per day during summers, the 20W Panel will require 25 Sunny Days to charge the 150 AH Battery

1. Where can I buy a small portable solar panel?

try sporting goods at Walmart or Kmart

2. How far can I push on a 120AH deep cycle 12v AGM battery with 120w solar panel?

This Site Might Help You. RE: How far can I push on a 120AH deep cycle 12v AGM battery with 120w solar panel? I have read about not discharging deep cycle battery to below 50% state of charge. Is this a strictly no-break industry rule? I have read that people discharge down to 25% or less. My intended setup for a remote camping situation: - 120w solar panel with MPPT duo-battery charge controller...

3. can we use aluminium sheet instead of copper sheet in making of solar panel in home?plz help!?

Alzheimer's ailment some government experience that aluminum is not the regularly occurring agent in charge for Alzheimer's ailment. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, critically bigger stages of aluminum have been spoke of at autopsies in sufferers laid low with Alzheimer's ailment. a situation with this study is that the aluminum is not gently dispensed in the recommendations.

4. how much energy is used making a solar panel?

Far too much to make solar truly worthwhile, unless the cost of getting electricity to a particular location is very high. I quote Don Lancaster --//-- Photovoltaics Photovoltaic "pv" solar cells are wildly successful when used on solar power calculators. This enormously large market is driven by people who are happy as a clam paying five hundred dollars per kilowatt hour for all of their electricity. A figure gotten by taking that fifty cent retail value of the cells extended over the total actual calculator use lifetime energy consumption of about one watthour. To date, on a historic and totally system wide basis, not one net watthour of solar pv electricity has ever been produced. Solar pv thus remains a net energy sink.

5. Will this Grid-TIe Inverter work with my 12-Volt Solar Panel system?

The utilities will require that the grid tied system be purchased and installed through a qualified company that they have approved in your region. You are defeating the primary advantage of a grid tied system if you also have a battery bank.

6. can you install a solar panel into the roof of an electric car and run completely on solar energy?

It has been studied for years. The problem is that the sunlight does not create power on demand, so the energy would have to be stored in batteries. Those batteries make the car run heavy, and then it changes the effectiveness and safety of the car

7. Can I charge my 12v deep cycle battery with any size solar panel?

Yes I use a 50 watt panel to charge my boat batteries

8. Would anyone be interested in buying a backpack that has a solar panel charger on it to charge phones, ipods?

Sounds like a reasonably good idea ... try to keep it under your hat better (delete this question immediately!!!!). Find someone who can help you with it, and sell it yourself on your own Web site. Do not try to license it to somebody -- they will rip you off unless you have a patent, and I suspect you would have a difficult time getting a patent. Read "Will It Sell" by James E. White. You can probably find a copy at your local library. I have years of experience developing products like yours for manufacturing -- but unfortunately I find that I do not like trying to develop "floppy" (flexible) things which by definition a backpack is. Do NOT go to any of the "inventor services" who advertise they will advise you and help you market your product. ALL of them are rip offs -- no exceptions. Good luck to you

9. How long does it take to charge a 12v, 200AH deep cycle battery with a 125 watt solar panel?

Assuming that there are no losses in the charging process and that the sun continues to shine then it is simply a question of dividing the energy storage capacity of the battery by the rate of energy production of the solar panel. Storage capacity of battery = 12 X 200 X 3600 Joules = 8.64 MJ Time taken to charge it = 86400000/125 = 69120 seconds or 19 hours 12 minutes

The United States Successfully Tested a Solar Panel in Space
Photovoltaic power generation has become an important part of new energy power generation in the world. The next goal of the United States is to challenge solar power generation from space and send it back to Earth. Now an important step has been taken.According to reports, researchers at the Pentagon in the United States have successfully tested a solar panel in space a few days ago, measuring 12x12 inches, about the size of a pizza box.This solar panel is called Photovoltaic Radio Frequency Antenna Module (PRAM). It was launched for the first time in May 2020. It is installed on the Pentagon’s X-37B drone and uses light from the sun to convert it into electricity.This drone circulates over the earth every 90 minutes.There is also solar energy on the earth's surface. The reason why it takes so much time to obtain solar energy in space is because the light from space cannot pass through the atmosphere, so the energy of the blue waves is preserved, and the power generation efficiency will be higher.According to Paul Jaffe, the co-developer of the project, the test was a success. The 12x12-inch solar panel successfully generated about 10W of energy, enough to drive a tablet computer.Researchers are currently looking for ways to expand the scale of solar panels. If the technology can be used on a large scale, it is possible to reshape the current way of generating electricity from humans, and obtain energy from space and transmit it to all parts of the world without relying on large-scale power networks. .
Which Side of a House Do You Place a Solar Panel On?
Generally, North if in the Southern Hemisphere and Southern if in the Northern Hemisphere. However for those in the tropics that can change duing the year. (For the tropics there is the option to mount them facing straight up.)1. Why isn't NASA having a ground-based solar panel to charge the Li-ion batteries on board the JPL Mars helicopter?The Mars Helicopter does have its own solar panel.It's the rectangular thing atop the vehicle.This technology demonstrator (read: special optional experiment) can fly only three minutes before recharging. But that's a lot of time for photos before landing, transmitting and recharging.The ability to make precise controls over the millions of kilometers, vehicle size and power do not allow the drone to have a "nest" atop the unnamed Mars 2020 rover2. What can I use a 6v solar panel for?Most small wind turbines, I know its not solar, are powered with an ac delco car alternator, they look very easy to make. For hot water try this, coil up several hunderd feet of water hose in a black plastic drum and put it in the sun, it will be very hot...these and others like them are simple,not solar , but simple. ..and free!!! See what you can come up with3. I have a 30 watt solar panel that puts out 1.8 amps. What size battery should I get?regular car battery will work but you will need more than one . may be 30 or more depending how much eletcricity you need when there is no sun or not enough sun. It depends on a number of factors do you have A.C. electric oven stove electric dryer ect.4. From the load side connection of a solar panel converter can a dc to dc usb type plug be hooked to it and run?as long as the voltages and type match up it should work. you might wanna check the 12v usb though because it sounds off5. Converting a solar panel (direct sunlight power) to a battery backup system? How to help!?How many amps will you need to power the pump, and how many amps of power will you get from your solar cells is the real question you need to know. Go to Radio Shack, maybe they can help you, a lot of hobbyists get electrical supplies there6. can i / should i buy a large solar panel to put somewhere in my garden, to power the garden lights?It would work but would be more cost-effective to use solar lights. The good ones. Which are not sold at Walmart7. can you hook a 24volt solar panel to 12volt batterys?Never hook up 24 volts to a controller that is designed for 12 volts. Having wrong polarities is a no no too. Those are both sure ways to fry a controller8. Is there anyone trying to create a cheaper and more efficient solar panel?The most cost-effective solution, which the vast majority of new installs use today, is solar alongside the regular power company. That way, you need no batteries, and if the solar array is not producing enough at any given time, you draw from the electric company. When the array is producing more than you need, instead of just throwing that power away, the power company buys it (usually). In short, yes, you will still have an electric bill, but a smaller one. On our house, the electric bill was a little less than $5 a month, with an end-of-year settlement of an additional $2. How much does it cost? Unfortunately, that's like asking how much personal transportation costs. Some people need a van to transport the kids to soccer, some may get by with a motorcycle, others may need only a bicycle. Solar electric does not make financial sense in all areas. Our array cost $12,000 but do not use that as a guide. Yours might be 10 times that, or half that, depending on your area and needs9. Making a Laptop solar panel? Possible?can be done, but wo not be cheap or light. do remember that calculators do not use anywhere nearly as much power as a computer10. How much current can you make with a solar panel?absolutely, if your Captain America
If You Could Collect 60watts of Solar Power From a Solar Panel That Was Getting Its Power?
Even if you had a light with reflector unit that somehow produced 60 watts of light energy from 60 watts of input, the solar panel is only about 20% efficient, so it would return 12 watts of output. That's real world. And in some more perfect conversion - extremely low friction raising water to drive a water wheel that raised the water - extremely low is not zero - it still would not continue to function.1. I somehow made a solar panel with just an aluminum plate hooked up to my circuit I made. The voltage increases when close to light.?Doubtful. If you are using an electrolytic capacitor, you are probably seeing the effects of dielectric relaxation2. Why even bother building dams, windmills, solar panel farms? Nuclear energy is much better?I've got to agree with you, at least a little. The thing is, that's the same thing people used to say about guns. "This **** sucks man, it takes a minute just to fire off one shot. I can shoot thirty arrows in the time it takes to shoot one bullet. Now we handheld guns that can shoot 700 rounds per minute. Yeah, solar sucks now. The start up cost is a LOT, and they take up a lot of room. They also have to be upkept, and replaced eventually. That's the way it was with any new technology. Tvs, radios, computers, medicine, cars, you name it, they all sucked *** in the beginning. Nuclear fission is good, but solar, if given time, can be better.3. solar panel w/ inverter installed contractor fee?That depends on where, and how big, among other things4. Are solar panel batteries hazardous?yes. It depends on the type of battery, but they all are toxic, I think. often they contain lead and certainly acid. Do not just throw them away5. Should the US transform a hundred thousand acres of western desert into a solar panel power plant?First of all wacko liberal environmentalist would never let it happen. 90% of the land in AZ is owned by one form of government or a native American reservation. Almost all of it has some type of protected species, plant life or insect on it. If you could get past that, which you would not cause nobody does, then there is the cost of building and maintaining the monstrosity. Then there would be the cost of building the transmission lines, once again over protected lands. After all was said and done the technology would only deliver a small amount of power vs. the investment required. It would be a whole lot easier and make more sense to build nuclear power.6. Would a 20 watt solar panel be enough to power my 250 watt incadescant heat bulb for my chickens in the shed?You would effectively need to produce in excess of the 250 watts needed to power the incandescent heat bulbs. (You would need at least 13 x 20w panels) Is there a more effective way of creating low-powered light (from say an LED source) while storing the sunlight in say a storage heater for heat-release overnight?7. Can I add things to my home loan, such as a new solar panel system?Depends on your loan type and your credit as well as your income, look into a 203k loan possibly, but not sure if those will do building a home I know they will help when buying a fixer upper or rehab8. Cost of a solar panel?The solar panel itself might cost less than a dollar a watt but the devices needed to convert and store the electricity are never mentioned. They cost more9. 12V Solar panel: how do I drop the voltage to 6V without just wasting the power?Using an amplification circuit defeats the purpose of using photovoltaics. Amplifiers require additional energy sources. You cannot increase the watts...that is impossible The only way to increase the voltage of photovoltaics is to wire multiple modules in series prior to connection to the inverter. Either that or use an inverter which accepts a lower input voltage, but still outputs the desired AC voltage. Whatever the case may be, the overall I*V product of current and voltage, power, will never be increased without energy addition. It will remain nearly constant throughout your circuit, but will slightly decrease due to heat dissipation losses.
How Does a Solar Panel Charge Controller Work for Batteries?
If it is a charge controller that is wired between the panel and the battery only, then a 3A rating is ample. The controller only has to handle the maximum current that the solar panel can output. The panel will have (or needs to have) an open-circuit voltage that is greater than about 14V in order to actually charge the battery, whose terminal voltage will rise above 12V as it charges. The panel's open circuit output voltage typically is about 17V. The 5W rating is at the maximum power point under the illumination of 1 standard sun and at a specified temperature. That maximum power point probably is around 14V, which means the panel will deliver the following amperage to charge the battery: I = P/V = 5W/14V = 0.36A Since 0.36A is well below the 3A rating of the controller, the controller will not be overloaded when charging the battery. Some charge controllers also have terminals for connecting the load that you want to power. If that's the case, then the controller also needs to be rated to handle that load amperage or higher. If you were to connect a 6A load, then you would like to have say a 10A controller. Hope that helps.1. How can I make a 12 Volt solar panel charge my smart phone with appropriate current and voltage?A solar charging system is not complete without a charge controller. The charge controller takes the energy from the solar panels or wind turbine and converts the voltage so it's suitable for battery charging. The supply voltage for a 12V battery bank is about 16V. This allows charging lead acid to 14. 40V (6 x 2. 40V/cell) and Li-ion to 12. 60 (3 x 4. 20V/cell). Note that 2. 40V/cell for lead acid and 4. 20V/cell for lithium-ion are the full-charge voltage thresholds.Charge controllers are also available for lithium-ion to charge 10.8V packs (3 cells in series). When acquiring a charge controller, observe the voltage requirements. The standard Li-ion family has a nominal voltage of 3.6V/cell; lithium iron phosphate is 3.30V/cell. Only connect the correct batteries for which the charge controller is designed. Do not connect a lead acid battery to a charge controller designed for Li-ion and vice-versa. This could compromise the safety and longevity of the batteries as the charge algorithms and voltage settings are different.A lower-cost charge controller only produces an output voltage when sufficient light is available. With a diminishing light source, the charge controller simply turns off and resumes when sufficient levels of light are restored. Most of these devices cannot utilize fringe power present at dawn and dusk and this limits them to applications with ideal lighting conditions.This should work in principle but is not recommended. The charge controller transforms the incoming DC voltage from the solar panel or wind turbine to the correct voltage range. In bright sunlight, the voltage of a 12V solar panel can go up to 40V, and this could damage your device.So following precautions should be taken like using a maintenance charger. A maintenance charger is usually powered by a small solar cell that provides a trickle charge to a battery on a sunny day. These devices help prevent sulfation of a lead acid battery when stroed. Even a small float charge will keep the battery at full charge.How can I make a 12 Volt solar panel charge my smart phone with appropriate current and voltage?How can I make a 12 Volt solar panel charge my smart phone with appropriate current and voltage? L ch.2. Would you be willing to pay $11,052 for a solar panel system?If I did not already have a system with better financials, yes3. How fast does a solar panel's voltage switch on?Your book help me a lot to better understand better solar installation. I seem to have a small problem with my current installation. I have bought 3 x 100 watts solar pannels, a 3500 WATTS CONVERTER, I have charged up the battery bank, connect the controller and converter as per the manufacturer specifications. For my first test I have plug my slow combustion stove fan (300 watts) to my converter. The charge controller at the beginning was indicating with its LED panel lights, that the battery were charged between 80% to 95%. After about 1. 5 hr of use, the charge controller was indicating a battery charge between 0% to 35%. Quite a drop for only a short period of usage
How Many White 9-LED's Flashlight (1.5vx3) Can I Run Off a Solar Panel Generating 60w Storing in a C
you need the current specification for the LEDs. Break even, you can take the power used by the light, say 5 watts, and divide 45/5 to get 9. The battery does not get you any more energy, it just allows you to store it for a while. So once the battery is charged, which could take a long time, you can operate more LEDs from it, but at the expense of long recharge time. .1. Using a solar panel to charge a 6 V. electric childs car battery?Electric Childs Car2. Are we slowly creating our demise by building nuclear power plants instead of investing the money in clean...?Nuclear energy IS clean power. Check out the environmental impact of nuclear energy vs. coal/oil/gas. Then calculate in the financial cost and nuclear energy is one of our best options right now, Sure, a wind turbine and solar panel for every house would be great but not realistic3. Can u use regular light bulbs to power a solar panel?incandescent light bulbs have the proper emission spectrum as to the efficiency a 1000W light will give about 0.5W of electricity! Anita4. How to predict the output of a solar panel depending upon weather conditions for real time hardware simulation?Short term prediction of solar irradiation can be tricky, especially in cloudy days.For daily average based on a year there are software like PVSyst which is probably the most advanced solar plant forecasting software out there, used by major banks for plant forecast.Running a simulation with this software will give you a very good starting point but wo not account for daily climate, which I guess you could use weather forecast and refine the daily power simulation given by the software, with empiric method or why not some machine learning.5. Is there some way to shield items from an EMP blast? Laptop, batteries, charger, maybe even a small solar panel?Wrap them completely in aluminum foil and put them in a metal box a spare fridge is often near the aluminum foil a metal saucepan and lid will work for a mobile phone6. I'm Thinking Of Getting This Solar Panel Kit, Is It Feasible?That type of solar cell is typically more expensive. Amorphous solar cells are the cheapest, and those kind are not gridded and have a different hue to them. I would get more details.7. Solar panel with grid tie question?for 5 panel if there is serial connection, the total volts will be 5x18v if there is parallel connection, the total current will be 5 multiply current of one panel. so parallel connection is better for you.8. How to measure energy of a battery charging thru solar panel using dc energymeter?NO INSTRUMENT CALL DC ENERGY METER. IT WAS A DC WATT METER. Hook it between the charging path and read the watt unit display directly shows on meter screen pointer.Simple task !9. Help with getting low amp reading with my solar panel array?properly, severe as I continually am on the subject of the BNP's mix of sinister and nonsensical Fascistic policies, they do tend to make the appropriate noises approximately green themes. strangely for a social gathering on the some distance suitable, they do seem to settle for that worldwide warming is a vital difficulty which must be addressed. Being very cynical approximately their reasons, besides the incontrovertible fact that, I actual tend to think of their apparently green environmental policies are merely a ploy to spice up their probabilities of taking votes from the fairway social gathering. properly this green supporter is not falling for it besides. so some distance as how they might pay for their can provide related to photograph voltaic Panels fairly, properly in the no longer likely journey that they ever got here to place of work they only could no longer, based on their cutting-edge financial policies. The BNP's financial policies are an entire shambles. case in point, they have the desire to make extensive cuts in earnings tax on one hand, yet in addition say they are going to extremely strengthen the investment of public centers. they say they might save money by utilising ending Britain's distant places help to 3rd worldwide international places, yet in addition desire to bribe immigrants and their descendants (i.e. non-white human beings) with thousands and thousands of kilos properly worth of "incentives" to bypass away the united kingdom and "return to their united states of commencing place". Their sums merely do no longer upload up. they only recommend policies they think of could be familiar with the ill-counseled and gullible components of society, in an attempt to mask their genuine racist time table. How can a social gathering who merely approximately bankrupted themselves with the aid of incompetent dealing with of their very own money, be relied directly to deal with the united kingdom financial device?.
How Much Electricity Can a Solar Panel and a Cycle Make?
It depends on how much effort goes to the input. A one by one foot panel is going to produce about 1.5-2 amps of power1. I want a solar panel that will power an a/c window unit.?The kind of solar the pays back best is grid-tied solar. The idea is to tie it in as a supplement to your regular electricity, instead of powering just one specific appliance like an air conditioner. Grid tied solar uses no batteries. If it's nighttime, or rainy, you are just drawing power from the grid normally. When it's sunny, if you are not using all the energy produced, your electric meter counts backwards. The net effect is the same as a battery. If you are in Hawaii, California, or a generally southern state, solar may be a good deal for you. Check with a local installer. In Hawaii, a system will pay for itself in about 4 years.2. What products can absorb and store light energy other than a solar panel?Solar panel - A cloudy day provides sufficient diffuse light by which the panel will produce electricity. Optimum electrical production occurs with bright and sunny weather conditions. Under a light overcast, the modules might produce about half as much as under full sun, ranging down to as little as five to ten percent under a dark overcast day but technology is improving all the time.3. Does a solar panel like this one work also in the shade?You need direct sunlight to fall on it4. If you're living in a van, would it be possible to install a solar panel to the roof of the van?Sure, if you to to an RV store, they will be very familiar with this kind of setup5. Would a 5 volt solar panel have enough amps to charge a smartphone that charges on 5 volts?Sure. However, the panel must have a certain amount of area to produce the required current. If you are doing a DIY project, then you will need some sort of buck-boost regulator to ensure a regulated 5V output. I am partial to SEPIC converters for buck-boost. If you are buying a solar charging panel with USB connectors, they generally can supply enough current. Be sure to check the specs.6. how do i store electricity coming in from a solar panel or something like that and store it till night?The cat does not need lights. If you want, you can put a small window in the house to let in ambient light, but even that is optional. Cats navigate in the crawlspace under our house at night just fine. The dimmest light coming in is generally enough for them to see, but even in total darkness, they have whiskers to feel their way around.7. How much does a solar panel system installation cost?This depends heavily on the price of labor in your area. Northern California seems to be the most expensive labor there is, and I estimated that I was being charged $4000 for the install. There is a large fixed cost, and the price does not change much between installing 20 or 30 panels. However, check with the installer first, many will refuse to install anything but an entire system that they sell you. It's not as simple as hiring someone to put up 30 panels that you bought yourself8. How long does it take to charge a 12v deep cycle battery with a 10 watt solar panel?10 Watt Solar Panel9. What is the maxium open circuit voltage Voc you can have from a solar panel when wanting to charge a 12. 6 bat?15 volts10. should i get a solar panel?Zeke: Have you looked at the Goal Zero website? They are expensive, but easy to bring to school and show people how it works. The system they have is very compact. I suspect that if you buy their system to show to your class, they will give you unlimited help in understanding it11. Should the US transform a hundred thousand acres of western desert into a solar panel power plant?I do not think liberals will allow that. The have managed to stop many land, as well as ocean, development. They would find a rare species of ant or something there. If the ANWR was the size of a football field the drilling area would be the size of a postage stamp. You would not even be able to find it unless you had a good GPS unit. If liberals would not even allow that, there is no way they would allow a hundred thousand acres of anything to be developed, ever. And then we would have to build cities near it because the loss of power during transmission would make it not worth transmitting a long distance. Ted Kennedy would not even allow a couple of wind turbines on the horizon off of cape cod.
Solar Industry Hit by More Red Tape
New building regulations enacted in November last year require a council permit or a building surveyor assessment before installation of systems over 18 square metres - similar to 11 panels.However, it appears many installers were unaware or acting in defiance of the regulations, which sit on top of existing safety measures.North-West installer Adrian Luke said the changes were still filtering through the industry.When they brought it in in November last year, no one told anyone,'' he said.Mr Luke said the additional cost was a major issue that had to be passed on to consumers.If you do the sums it can add an extra $2500 . . . but my biggest bugbear is there are already systems in place to give the customers peace of mind,'' he said.Mr Luke said he was aware of councils sending please explain'' letters to residents with new panels, threatening fines.Last month, Workplace Standards issued a clarifying advisory for the industry, and yesterday Workplace Relations Minister David O'Byrne said the policy was being reviewed.The building regulation is another blow for the industry after the government slashed the feed-in tariff for new installations, reducing their viability.Hobart-based retailer Matthew Millington said there was still confusion around the red tape, which slowed down the whole process''.We've got all these sales and we can't go out and install them until we're sure . . . we don't want to leave our customers or installers liable,'' Mr Millington said.No one told us about the change until we got wind of it around the feed-in period recently.''Bass Greens MHA Kim Booth said the regulation had the potential to kill solar businesses, saying thousands of dollars could be added to some system installations.This pointless piece of red tape will drive up the price for consumers and could send some solar companies to the wall,'' Mr Booth said.Every solar installation is already required to be engineered, installed and inspected according to Australian Standards and these regulations are nothing more than paper shuffling nonsense.''Mr O'Byrne said a review is under way to ensure that the policy settings remain appropriate with regards to solar panel installations, however the safety and welfare of Tasmanians will always be paramount''.We are not looking to add to the compliance burden on the building industry - to the contrary, we are looking to reduce it,'' Mr O'Byrnesaid.Mr Booth said if Mr O'Byrne wasn't willing to make the change, the Greens would look to partner with the Liberals in Parliament to amend the law.
Garden Lights - Alternative Energy Options
Basic Alternative OptionsYour garden lighting doesn't always have to run on electricity. You might want to try using candles, flares, torches, or lanterns, although many of these options tend to work best around seating areas. For the rest of your garden, you may want to try solar lighting, which is covered below.You can set up these types of portable lighting anywhere, but wind can be a problem, especially when it starts to blow smoke in people's faces. Many candles and flares release pleasant scents, which can add greatly to the ambiance of the mood you're trying to create for your guests or even for yourself. You can also get scents or oils with chemical repellents that will deter insects (especially mosquitoes) that are attracted by the light. Here are some options for non-electrical lighting:oLanterns, lit either by candle or oil, can be hung around the garden to give a gentle, golden light.oFlares or torches resemble large candles. They are often on sticks (short or tall) that can be stuck into the ground. They'll burn for 6 to 8 hours and cast a warm, romantic glow all around.oCandles, while they don't provide a great deal of light, create a magnificent atmosphere with their gentle flickering. Protect the flame so that it doesn't blow out and so that no one gets burnt or gets smoke in their face.Solar LightingSolar garden lights are constantly improving. They may be a great option for you to use in your garden. There are more and more options for battery and solar-powered lighting equipment for garden use, which is especially useful if you have a garden where it's difficult to provide a cable power supply.You can buy single, stand-alone solar-powered units mounted on a spike that you can simply push into the ground wherever you want. They've got a small integrated solar panel that collects and stores energy during the day. They can be turned on manually at night, or many even have a light sensor that will turn them on automatically when it gets dark and off when it gets light again. You could even set up a cluster of lights that are all linked to a single large solar panel, but remember that this option would also require cables and wiring.Solar-powered lights have a lot of great "green-energy" qualities, but they also have drawbacks. Solar lights work best in bright, sunny locations where plenty of sun light is available for energy storage. Yes, solar panels are definitely becoming more and more efficient as years go by, but their storage life is still limited. The sensors and circuitry within the panels are also delicate and easily damaged, so you'll need to handle them with care. In the proper location, solar lights are ideal for lighting remote paths. And they're great if you have children, because there is no risk of electrocution.
I Want a Solar Panel Kit That Can Run a Space Heater for a Few Hours When the Power Goes Out?
If the power is never going out for more than a few hours, what you really want is a little portable gas-powered generator. For the kind that you just occasionally use, the price will be low, maybe even $100 or less on craigslist, if you shop. If you wait until January, the people who got one for Christmas but do not want it will put theirs up for sale. If all you really wanted was heat, and are not concerned about running lights or computers, then you could get a portable kerosene heater, or even burn wood in a fireplace, if you have one.1. Can I hook up a Solar Panel to a car battery? Does it matter the kind of car battery?well the thing to remember just like any rechargeable battery they don;t respond well to continues charging they need some down time to discharge and then recharge. during the charging process the liquid or battery solution get hot and even evaporates. Replacing the battery solution with water wo not work when your battery has lost it's solution you need to get battery acid replacement or battery repair solution. this is sold in many location near where the batteries are sold. check your spec for your solar panel out put and take those specification to your local auto store and they might even suggest an over sized battery. you might consider adding an additional battery in series for additional power storage. you might also using a light sensor and cut off switch solenoid which which stop charging or which would also stop and current from returning back to the panel. if you have every own a small car the battery is much smaller than that of a pick up. be sure that you do not get the small battery look for a large heavy duty battery all sold in the same store.2. How much power can one expect from a Solar Panel?Hey Lib, I will make a couple of assumptions here for your question, mainly that you have a 12 volt battery, and you are talking about a sunny day. A 12 volt nominal solar panel is normally wired with 36 cells, each developing 1/2 volt, so that gives you 18 volts maximum. This is a normal starting voltage for charging a 12 volt battery, some of the voltage is lost in wiring and charge controlling, and the battery voltage has to creep up toward 15 volts during charge anyway, this is why car alternators are normally set at 14.8 volts or so. Take your panels watt rating, and divide it by the maximum voltage, 100 divided by 18 = 5.5 amps. On a normal sunny day in the midwest for example, if you put the panel in the sun facing south, you should get the equivalent of 6 hours of direct sun. This happens because the sun comes up in the east, shining through a large cross section of atmosphere, and hitting the panel at a sharp angle, so only about 10 to 20% or its rated power is available. By noon, it is at 100%, and by 7pm, back to maybe 10% or so. Over the course of the day, the average is roughly the same as about 6 hours of direct noon time sun. So 5.5 amps X 6 hours = 33 amp hours. Most flooded lead acid batteries, in good or new condition convert around 92% of this power to chemical charge, so figure maybe 30 amp hours, on a good clear sunny day for a 100 watt panel. If you are looking at a 6 volt battery, the amp hours are twice as much, for a 24 volt battery, half as much, assuming you are using a proper voltage solar panel for the battery bank. We have a 50 watt panel here charging our 12 volt battery bank, and on a good day we see around 12 to 16 amp hours, so I would expect your 100 watt panel to do around 30 amp hours for a 12 volt system. Hope these numbers make sense to you. Take care, Rudydoo3. What do I need to use a solar panel to charge a deep cycle battery?You will need a voltage regulator to prevent prevent overcharging the battery and consequent damage
How to Make Simple Solar Cell? Working of Photovoltaic Cell
How To Construct A Simple Solar Cell? (Step by Step) | A solar cell (or Photovoltaic Cell) is a device that produces electric current either by chemical action or by converting light to electric current when exposed to sunlight. For the sake of this article, attention will be given to solar cells only. A solar cell is also known as photovoltaic cell which produces electric current when the surface is exposed to sunlight. In the course of this article, we will be making reference to sunlight as electromagnetic radiation (EM-radiation). In solar cells, the amount of electrical energy generated by the cells depends on the intensity of em radiation that reaches the surface of the cell. Solar cell converts em radiation to DC current. Thus we can say that a solar cell is a semiconductor junction device that converts electromagnetic radiation reaching us from the sun to electrical energy. As stated above, the current generated is DC. The principle operation of a solar cell is similar to conduction in a semiconductor like silicon. As seen in the picture, the dark surface is the part that is exposed to sunlight. When EM radiation strikes the surface of the cell, it excites the electrons and as such cause them to jump from jump from one energy level (orbit) to the other leaving holes behind. These holes serve as the positive charge carriers while the electrons serve as negative charge carriers. Do not get confused, the electrons or holes do not constitute to give the electrical charges. They only carry the charges. By so doing EM radiation is converted to electrical energy. Solar cells are made basically from semiconductors like silicon and selenium being the most widely used. To understand this better, let's see the different types of semiconductor material as the materials extensively used in the production of solar cells are semiconductors. We have two types of semiconductors which are intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors. These are semiconductors that are pure in their own form. No impurity is added to improve their conductivity. Semiconductors of this type at zero degree Celsius have very little or no free holes and electrons for conduction. These types of semiconductors are not pure in that they are doped (substances which serve as impurities are being added in order to enhance its conductivity). When a semiconductor is doped, the following materials are found; None This kind of semiconductor is formed when a silicon, selenium or germanium is doped with a trivalent element (element with three valence electrons) like boron. Holes (positive charge carriers) are the major charge carriers in this type of semiconductor. None Electrons are the major charge carriers in this type of semiconductor. They carry negative charges. They are formed when silicon or any other semiconductor is doped with a pentavalent element (element with a five valence electron in the outer shell). None When P and N type semiconductor are joined together by melting them I.e. That junction formed is called PN junction. High concentration of holes on one side of a junction and high concentration of electrons on the other side causes the two charge carriers to diffuse respectively to the other side of the junction. Silicon and selenium are the most extensively used semiconductors in the production of solar cells. Gallium, arsenide, indium arsenide and cadmium sulfide etc. are in use too but silicon and selenium are the most widely used. Knowing that semiconductor materials like silicon and selenium can be quite expensive, we will talk about how to construct a solar cell using materials like silicon and also how to construct a solar cell using cheap materials that can be gotten around us. Note that using cheap materials will not give an output of an equivalent power output compared to if you are to use silicon or selenium and secondly, the larger the surface of the material exposed to EM radiation, the more energy will be produced. As said earlier, the surface is a P - type material. The P - type material should be thin so that light energy (EM radiation) will be able to penetrate the junction and reach the N - type material to allow diffusion of electrons and holes. The nickel - plated ring around the P - type material serve as the positive output terminal while the plating at the bottom of the N - type material serve as the negative output terminal. How To Construct A Simple Solar Cell? (Step By Step) Now that you know how solar cells are produced using silicon, let's see how we can produce a photovoltaic cell using different materials. Instead of using cuprous oxide, we will use different materials. The materials needed are as follows; In our last work, P-type material faced the sun and is more conductive compared to the N-type material. Glass is a semiconductor with a partial conductivity. For one of the glass plates to act as P-type material while the other N- type material, you have to treat them with chemicals so that at the end, one of them will be more conductive than the other. The steps are as follows. Clean the surfaces of the two glass plates thoroughly with ethanol. Do not touch the surface of the glass plates with your hand after cleaning. Using millimeter, test how conductive the surfaces of the plates are and notice the most conductive surface of each of the plates. Place the plates side by side with the conductive surface of either of the plates facing downward while the other conductive surface facing up. After step 2, apply a transparent tape to hold the glass plates together. The tape should be applied along any of the long sides of the plates. The tape should overlap 1mm or so of the edges. Also place a tape on the outer of the glass plate facing up4mm - 5mm. Apply evenly drops of titanium dioxide to the surface of the glass plates and spread the solution evenly. Allow the solution to cover the conductive surface that is facing down. When done with applying titanium dioxide, remove the tapes which holds the plates together. Place the conductive surface that faces up on an electric hot plate overnight so as to bake the titanium dioxide onto the plates. Clean the titanium dioxide that is on the conductive surface facing down and place it in a clean place. Get a shallow dish and fill it with dye which is made with blackberry, raspberry or pomegranate juice etc. Soak the titanium dioxide coated plate that is facing down for at least 10 minutes. Clean the other plate with ethanol while the titanium dioxide plate is soaking in the dye. Test the conductivity of its surface after cleaning. Mark the side that does not conduct electric current as positive. Apply graphite lubricant of graphite pencil over the conductive side and cover the entire surface. Take the plate that is coated with titanium dioxide out of the dye. Rinse it first with deionized water then with ethanol. Wipe off the ethanol on the plate with a clean tissue. Assemble the two plates together such that the coatings touch each other with the plates slightly offset. Hold the plates in place with the aid of binder clips. They should be made offset because the edges will serve as the terminals. Apply drops of iodide solution to the coating that is exposed to sunlight on. Allow the coatings to be soaked in the solution completely. The essence of the iodide solution is to help electrons flow from the titanium dioxide coated plate to the carbon-coated plate when exposed to EM radiation. If the iodide solution is in excess wipe off the solution on the surface that is to be exposed to sunlight. Attach an alligator clip or a crocodile clip to the sections of the coated surface on either side of the cell. One clip attached to the surface coated with graphite which serve as the abide while the alligator clip attached to the surface coated with titanium dioxide. This of course is the cathode. Connect conducting wires to the clips and place it in a position that light will fall on the surface of the plate. Your solar cell in now ready for use. You can test the amount of voltage and current the solar cell produces using the multimeter. Obviously, the voltage is not enough to charge your phone, but you can make a string of these solar cells to do so!. Following are the advantage of using solar cells: It does not require fuel to power it up Its driving power is free in nature Disadvantage of using solar cells are The surface of the cell has to be large in order to produce reasonable amount of electrical energy. When the sun goes into hiding in the clouds amount of energy generated will be cut down. They cannot be employed as energy source because of fluctuations in the amount of energy generated. Solar cells have numerous applications despite its disadvantages which are as follows: Group of series - parallel connected solar cells can be used as a battery charger They are extensively used as source of power for satellites Multiple-unit silicon photovoltaic devices can be used for sensing light in applications like reading punched cards in data processing industry Gold - doped germanium cells with controlled spectral response characteristic can be used as infrared detectors. You may also read: PV: Types of Solar Panel and Which one is the best PV Panel How much Watts Solar Panel We need for our Home Electrical appliances? A Complete Guide about Solar Panel Installation. Step by Step Procedure with Calculation Enter your Email for Latest Updates like the above one!1. Help with getting low amp reading with my solar panel array?properly, severe as I continually am on the subject of the BNP's mix of sinister and nonsensical Fascistic policies, they do tend to make the appropriate noises approximately green themes. strangely for a social gathering on the some distance suitable, they do seem to settle for that worldwide warming is a vital difficulty which must be addressed. Being very cynical approximately their reasons, besides the incontrovertible fact that, I actual tend to think of their apparently green environmental policies are merely a ploy to spice up their probabilities of taking votes from the fairway social gathering. properly this green supporter is not falling for it besides. so some distance as how they might pay for their can provide related to photograph voltaic Panels fairly, properly in the no longer likely journey that they ever got here to place of work they only could no longer, based on their cutting-edge financial policies. The BNP's financial policies are an entire shambles. case in point, they have the desire to make extensive cuts in earnings tax on one hand, yet in addition say they are going to extremely strengthen the investment of public centers. they say they might save money by utilising ending Britain's distant places help to 3rd worldwide international places, yet in addition desire to bribe immigrants and their descendants (i.e. non-white human beings) with thousands and thousands of kilos properly worth of "incentives" to bypass away the united kingdom and "return to their united states of commencing place". Their sums merely do no longer upload up. they only recommend policies they think of could be familiar with the ill-counseled and gullible components of society, in an attempt to mask their genuine racist time table. How can a social gathering who merely approximately bankrupted themselves with the aid of incompetent dealing with of their very own money, be relied directly to deal with the united kingdom financial device?.2. How many amps does a 50 watt solar panel produce?Most 50 watt solar panels have 36 cells and each cell has a voltage of about 0.5 volts. Amps x volts = watts. So, watts divided by volts = amps...3. Solar panel charge controller ?NO NOT IT
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