Factors to Consider When Selecting an Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

If youre planning to switch from manual to automatic swimming pool cleaning an automatic pool cleaner should be your first choice. There tens of types and brands available in the market, making it difficult to know the most ideal for your cleaning needs. There are a lot of things to take into account when selecting a pool cleaner for above ground or in-ground pool, but the points highlighted below will help you make an informed decision.

The Style of your CleanerOne of the things consumers consider when selecting a pool cleaner is the style.Some cleaners rely on the pools filtration system and a hose. Others, like the robotic cleaners,have motors and microchip that dislodge dirt.

The Size of Your PoolThe size of your pool will determine the type of cleaner youre going to buy. If youre considering the suction models, theyre going to need hoses of limited lengths, the functions of the filtration system, the pools pump as well as electricity. If youve got a large swimming pool it may take a long time to clean and would be costly in terms of energy usage.

Robotic cleaners have determined paths and feature powerful brushes which make cleaning simpler.The Amount of DebrisThe size of your pool maybe a factor worth considering, but the debris you will remove is something that shouldnt be overlooked. Solar-powered cleaners are a great choice as they clean everything including oil to leaves.

Such debris are problematic to simpler, smaller automatic suction cleaners but they still are a perfect choice for pools with sand and other finer particles.Pool MaintenanceAutomatic cleaners are designed to make pool cleaning much easier, but sometimes there are issues in the set-up as well as maintenance especially for devices that use booster pumps such as automatic pressure cleaners. Most solar-powered devices are the first choice for many pool owners, but its always worth finding out whether the model you choose has got any hidden flaws.

This will help you save on maintenance costs down the road.AquacleanpoolservicellcBest Pool Builders in Phoenix Az RELATED QUESTION What's the difference between an above ground and an inground pool? Functionally they're very similar.

The main difference is in the name: one is above the ground, and one is in the ground.Above ground pools tend to be more simplistic. They have metal walls with a vinyl liner on the inside.

They usually don't have anything more than one skimmer, a pump, a filter, a return jet, and some plumbing. These pools are usually sanitized with a floating chlorinator filled with 3 inch chlorine tablets.The inground pools are a little more complex.

Theyre generally much larger. Along with the vinyl liners (like above ground have) you can also get fiberglass or gunite surfaces. They can have several skimmers, as well as a main drain in the floor of the pool, and often have many more features than the standard above ground:HeatersSalt water generatorsUV sanitizersMoss systemsInline chlorinatorsAutomatic cleanersYou can even get things that let you control your pool system from your cell phone.

You can put these things on an above ground pool, but it's usually overkill for such a small thing. Aside from that (and the obvious ground-level difference), theyre basically the same

Efficient and Effective Swimming Pool Cleaners
MyPool offers swimming pool cleaners, manually operated vacuums, automatic pool cleaners, and robotic pool cleaners. For efficient and effective pool maintenance, you can put trust MyPool. Modern advanced technologies with proven reliability are used to give the pool owner a consistently cleaned pool all the time. With an automatic pool cleaner as a pool owner requires minimal effort by the pool owner. Besides cleaning the pool, automatic pool cleaners provide additional circulation and distribution of chemicals. The automatic pool cleaners can be divided into three groups: pressure driven, suction driven, and robotic cleaners. Pressure Driven Pool CleanersSome, but not all pressure driven pool cleaners require a booster pump. A booster pump provides additional pressure to operate the pool cleaner. A dedicated pressure line comes from the booster pump to the side-wall of the pool cleaner, to which the cleaner attaches. Popular among this type of cleaner is the Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner. Another Polaris pool cleaner the Polaris 360 does not require a booster pump. It connects to one of the return line of the swimming pool. Suction Driven Pool CleanersSuction driven pool cleaners operate off a dedicated vacuum line or the skimmer. A perennial popular pool cleaner is the Hayward Pool Vac, which has been produced in many styles including the Hayward Navigator.Robotic Pool Cleaners:Robotic pool cleaners have been around for many years. The principal characteristics are they do not work in conjunction with the pool system. They clean by placing the cleaner into the pool. The pool cleaner operates either by battery or an electrical umbilical cord. Debris is collected directly into the cleaner, which then needs to be cleaned. The most popular in this class of cleaners is the Hayward TigerSharkManual Vacuum Cleaners:If the budget does not permit an automatic pool cleaner, manually vacuuming and brushing of the pool is a necessity. The basic operation is to attach the vacuum head to the pole, attach the hose, and connect the hose to the skimmer and vacuum. It is old fashion, but it works and does the job of keeping the pool free of debris.Follow My Pool Inc on:- RELATED QUESTION Is there a word processor that stays open persistently on the windows 10 desktop like stickies, but more flexible and useful? I wouldn't call notepad exactly a word processor, but it surely is helpful, unless you run ccleaner or any other automatic cleaner app, it keeps open multiple tabs all the time, I use it as a notetaker in my main computer, it doesn't matter if you power off the computer or if it crashes, everytime you open it all your documents are in each tab, when I need some specific fornatting I type it there and then just copy/paste to a word processor. I'm not sure if that is what you're looking for, but it helps me, good luck
How Travertine Tile Is Prepared for Flooring and Wall Tile ...
As old an option it is for a sturdy and reliable building material, travertine tile remains to be a highly diverse natural stone, suitable for all kinds of applications. Travertine was used in the ancient world, but can also be found as a major component of many modern buildings such as the Getty Centre in Los Angeles, and the UCLA medical centre. Travertine tile is used as floor tile in both residential and commercial settings, as well as a decorative option for wall cladding and backsplashes. Travertine tile has both indoor and outdoor uses, being a durable stone, and can be both functional and aesthetically striking.Processing travertine tile Travertine is removed from the earth in large blocks before it is cut into what can be recognized as travertine tile. It may be cut in any of the following ways:Cross-cut - The travertine is cut with the grain of the stone bedding and on the same layer as it is formed in the earth. This makes for a more uniform texture and color Vein cut - the travertine is cut across several layers of the stone bedding, making for a more mottled, tiger-stripe effect when cut into tiles After the travertine is quarried, it is strictly selected for color variances, and further assessed after it is cut for holes and chipped edges. Beyond the selection process, the travertine may be subject to any of the following processes Honed - the surface of the tile is sanded to create a matte finish Tumbled - the travertine is literally tumbled with gravel and bearings, giving it a rough-hewn, aged appearance.Brushed - a wire brush is used to give the surface of the travertine tile a worn, textured surface Filled - The pores in the travertine tile are filled with colored resin or cement to produce a pristine, solid surface.Polished - the travertine is sanded and polished, producing a shiny look A featured design element of which anyone would find to be a source of pride, the popularity of travertine seems to be undiminished. In fact, choosing travertine tile for flooring and for wall tile is getting to be more and more popular!Learn more about travetine tile and buy at article was posted on August 22, 2006
Which Side of a House Do You Place a Solar Panel On?
Generally, North if in the Southern Hemisphere and Southern if in the Northern Hemisphere. However for those in the tropics that can change duing the year. (For the tropics there is the option to mount them facing straight up.)1. Why isn't NASA having a ground-based solar panel to charge the Li-ion batteries on board the JPL Mars helicopter?The Mars Helicopter does have its own solar panel.It's the rectangular thing atop the vehicle.This technology demonstrator (read: special optional experiment) can fly only three minutes before recharging. But that's a lot of time for photos before landing, transmitting and recharging.The ability to make precise controls over the millions of kilometers, vehicle size and power do not allow the drone to have a "nest" atop the unnamed Mars 2020 rover2. What can I use a 6v solar panel for?Most small wind turbines, I know its not solar, are powered with an ac delco car alternator, they look very easy to make. For hot water try this, coil up several hunderd feet of water hose in a black plastic drum and put it in the sun, it will be very hot...these and others like them are simple,not solar , but simple. ..and free!!! See what you can come up with3. I have a 30 watt solar panel that puts out 1.8 amps. What size battery should I get?regular car battery will work but you will need more than one . may be 30 or more depending how much eletcricity you need when there is no sun or not enough sun. It depends on a number of factors do you have A.C. electric oven stove electric dryer ect.4. From the load side connection of a solar panel converter can a dc to dc usb type plug be hooked to it and run?as long as the voltages and type match up it should work. you might wanna check the 12v usb though because it sounds off5. Converting a solar panel (direct sunlight power) to a battery backup system? How to help!?How many amps will you need to power the pump, and how many amps of power will you get from your solar cells is the real question you need to know. Go to Radio Shack, maybe they can help you, a lot of hobbyists get electrical supplies there6. can i / should i buy a large solar panel to put somewhere in my garden, to power the garden lights?It would work but would be more cost-effective to use solar lights. The good ones. Which are not sold at Walmart7. can you hook a 24volt solar panel to 12volt batterys?Never hook up 24 volts to a controller that is designed for 12 volts. Having wrong polarities is a no no too. Those are both sure ways to fry a controller8. Is there anyone trying to create a cheaper and more efficient solar panel?The most cost-effective solution, which the vast majority of new installs use today, is solar alongside the regular power company. That way, you need no batteries, and if the solar array is not producing enough at any given time, you draw from the electric company. When the array is producing more than you need, instead of just throwing that power away, the power company buys it (usually). In short, yes, you will still have an electric bill, but a smaller one. On our house, the electric bill was a little less than $5 a month, with an end-of-year settlement of an additional $2. How much does it cost? Unfortunately, that's like asking how much personal transportation costs. Some people need a van to transport the kids to soccer, some may get by with a motorcycle, others may need only a bicycle. Solar electric does not make financial sense in all areas. Our array cost $12,000 but do not use that as a guide. Yours might be 10 times that, or half that, depending on your area and needs9. Making a Laptop solar panel? Possible?can be done, but wo not be cheap or light. do remember that calculators do not use anywhere nearly as much power as a computer10. How much current can you make with a solar panel?absolutely, if your Captain America
Helen Flanagan Splurges on Lingerie As She Goes Shopping with Daughter, Delilah, 10 Months, in Manch
Helen Flanagan looked every inch the doting mum as she went shopping with her daughter Delilah, 10 months, in Manchester on Wednesday.The actress, 28, pushed her youngest daughter in a pram as she hit the shops in style, splurging in lingerie store Agent Provocateur.Helen was casually-clad for the outing in grey tight-fitting leggings and a plain white v-neck top.Donning a pair of oversized shades, Helen completed her outfit with a pair of comfy box white trainers.Slicking her brunette tresses back in a high bun, the I'm A Celebrity star showcased her natural beauty by opting to go make-up free for the shopping spree.Helen certainly had her hands full as she strolled through the city's streets pushing little Delilah along in her pram and chatting to a pal on the phone.Helen is tipped to return to Coronation Street following her maternity leave after a mass exodus which saw seven cast members quit in three months.The reality star has opened about her potential comeback to the street, stating her return is 'not set in stone'.Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, when asked about her return to the cobbles, she said: 'It's not all set in stone.'But I definitely want to return and I just don't know when with working around the girls.' Helen, who moved to the Scottish city for her footballer fiancé Scott's transfer to Celtic, went into detail about working around her girls during an appearance on Lorraine earlier this week.She told the host: 'Matilda's at the age where she's four and she's doing all of her... she needs to be taken to her lessons and what have you.'And obviously with me living in Scotland, it's a four-hour drive. And Delilah's nearly one. But I just love it so much. I've been there since I was nine.' She continued: 'If they can make it child-friendly so that you could actually sort it out, that would be incredible.' Helen and Celtic footballer Scott got engaged at Cinderella's castle in Disneyland Paris after nine years of dating.
Beijing's Smog: When a Scale of Zero to 500 Doesn't Go High Enough
In the space of an afternoon, Beijing vanished.For days, the city was crisp and clear. Wind whipped down its ancient alleys and sprawling, 12-lane thoroughfares; an electric blue sky reflected in the glass walls of its postmodern office buildings. But by evening, all was gone, engulfed in a gauzy-white miasma. Buildings rose into hazy oblivion, and the sun became a dull yellow orb, like a flashlight shining from under a blanket.That was Friday, when levels of PM2.5 - particularly noxious particulate matter, small enough to enter the bloodstream through the lungs - reached 429 micrograms per cubic meter, 17 times the World Health Organization's recommended limit. By Monday, schools were closed; drivers were using their headlights at noon.As China's political and cultural capital, Beijing's heady dynamism attracts a diverse population of ambitious, passionate people. There are quiet streets lined with persimmon trees, and leafy parks where the elderly practice tai chi. Travel opportunities are abundant; the art scene is terrific; residents are, on the whole, remarkably good-humored, hospitable and astute.There are, of course, downsides. The Internet is censored, the food unsafe, and the political system a wellspring of injustice, from petty corruption to sweeping crackdowns on dissent. To live happily requires mental acrobatics, beginning with a focus on the bright spots: There are those blue-sky days. Livelihoods are improving. More people are traveling abroad.And then, something happens that knocks everyone off balance. The pollution siege, which lasted through Tuesday, was one of those things. This has happened before, although this was one of the worst. Beijing residents have learned to take precautions. Some, if they can afford it, equip their homes and offices with expensive air purifiers. Some don 3M carpenters' masks before going outside.But on truly bad days, the smog cuts through everything, hitting the tongue with an acute, chemical twang. The city becomes unrecognizable. Colors lose their hue. Office buildings look derelict, their finer features failing to cut through the haze.While there are pedestrians who wear face masks, most grin and bear it. Mothers bike their children to school with hollow eyes; drivers smoke cigarettes and tap their ashes through open windows. Speak with any of them and the conversation immediately turns to the smog - the tingle in the backs of everyone's throats; the sadness, even embarrassment that they live in a city that is "unsuitable for human habitation," as a state-backed think tank wrote in 2014.Then, there's the black humor - as soon as the smog descends, so do the memes. These last few days, Internet users sent around stills from zombie apocalypse movies; photoshopped images of alien monsters superimposed into smoggy urban landscapes; and a series of monochrome, grayphotographs with Beijing's major landmarks - the Temple of Heaven, the Rem Koolhaas-designed CCTV building - outlined in black marker.NEWSLETTER:Get the day's top headlines from Times Editor Davan Maharaj >> On Sunday, President Xi Jinping traveled to the international climate change conference in Paris. In advance of his arrival, China's environment minister, Chen Jining, announced that the country "has achieved the pollution-reduction targets for major pollutants outlined in its 12th Five-Year Plan, six months ahead of schedule," according to the state-run China Daily.Meanwhile, Beijing got worse. By Monday, the Air Quality Index, a widely recognized measure of air pollution, hit 587 on the usual scale of zero to 500, registering as "beyond index" on monitors throughout the city. (The United Nations' recommended maximum level is 25.) The government issued an "orange weather alert," temporarily suspending some factories and ordering schools to keep children indoors.The problem's scope is difficult to fathom. This week's smog spread across a land mass of 204,634 square miles, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection - about 25% larger than the state of California.For years, the government blocked reporting on the smog, until a similar stretch of record-breaking pollution in 2013 - dubbed the Airpocalypse by Internet users - resulted in a surge of public complaints (and a run on air purifiers). In 2014, premier Li Keqiang said in a speech that the government would "declare war'' on smog. Authorities began releasing air pollution data with unprecedented transparency. They shut down coal-fired plants in central Beijing. This April, Greenpeace released a detailed report noting that air pollution in Beijing and 359 other Chinese cities had "modestly improved in the last 12 months." "The air getting really bad helps with stronger implementation of the new regulations, but these regulations have a lengthy phase-in period," said Deborah Seligsohn, an expert on China's environment at UC San Diego."I went to a meeting in 2010 when environmental officials were talking about dealing with PM2.5," she continued. "So it's not that they didn't know what they were doing, or that change happens only because of public opinion. The reality is that it's not just the public living in this highly polluted environment, it's also high government officials - so every time the air gets really bad, they have to explain what went wrong to their bosses. And when you're in such a top-down system, that makes a difference." By Tuesday, the fifth straight day of smog, the color of the air had turned from gray to a sinister orange. The air felt vaguely thick, making it difficult to concentrate. Eyes burned. During a long stretch of gray, it's easy to fear that the miasma may never lift, that China's environmental problems are intractable and that the government will never follow through on its promises to clear the skies.But then, Tuesday night, a trace of wind fluttered through the city. A scattering of lights shone from the upper floors of skyscrapers. By Wednesday morning, the haze was gone completely; the sky was once again electric blue. All day, it arched over a landscape of vivid color and depth - mercifully returned to form, at least until the weather turns and the city once again vanishes.MORE ON CHINA As its money goes global, can China loosen up?China prepares to rank its citizens on 'social credit' China frees imprisoned journalist, 71, after she pleads guilty
Using Southwest Pillow Covers in Your Home Decor
Use your southwest pillow covers for more than throw pillows on your sofa or bed this year. You will see with a little creativity, that you can use your pillow covers in any room of your home.Whether I'm using warm winter decor or cool, bright spring home decor, I thoroughly enjoy choosing different styles and colors of pillow covers to trade out and use throughout the whole year, in my home. Use a few of my tips in your home decor today, to add a taste of southwestern style Once you have chosen the best design that goes with your home decor needs, stuff your new pillow cover and begin your journey of enhancing your southwestern decor for all to enjoy. Planning and choosing is always a chore, but just remember once you get past the first step it is smooth sailing. Be creative and always think outside the box for those interesting and unique ideas that will bring a little southwest excitement in your home.This year I have decided to go with a few throw pillows for my sofa and two on each side of my coffee drum table. There are many times that I wanted to sit on the floor to play with my niece and wish that I had a pillow for my back. For my carefree spring look, I decided to place some colorful Indian style southwestern pillows around for some of my guests to enjoy sitting wherever they choose to sit.Instead of using a table runner or place mat, I decided to use one of my wool pillow covers, with a Native American style, for the middle of our coffee table. I have a beautiful spring arrangement made in my rustic wooden bowl that I can place on top. The texture and colors from the pillow covers are perfect. You can even choose to place one of your pillow covers made into a pillow on a shelf. This will give you a unique piece of southwest flair for any room in your home.In the bedroom, you can mismatch your southwestern pillow covers for a variety of throw pillows that will have your guests excited each time they come to visit. If you have bay windows with a bench in your home, don't hesitate to add some color with your new southwest pillow covers. All you have to do is stuff them and throw them on there for great comfort and fun. I have heard that some people who have a southwest kitchen love to place their already made southwestern pillows in their dinner table chairs. If your chairs are big and bulky, why not add a little fluffy comfort?If you have a child that has a southwest style bedroom, you can have fun with the endless list of using southwest style pillow covers. A good friend of mine chose bold southwest colors for their little girls bedding and room. They found beautiful big pillow covers that they stuffed with a pillow and set around the room. When her friends come over they can pull out the oversized pillows and have a comfortable place to sit on the floor. It is a major hit for the young girl when her friends come to visit.The woven wool pillow covers truly bring out the southwest with its bold and rich colors. You will love how they can make life and joy blossom in any room of your home. After you choose your pillow cover design and place them where you want them, you too will enjoy the feeling of southwest perfection. Each pillow cover sparks a twinkle in your eye when it has finally found its special place in your southwestern home decor.
Home, Cheap Home
Finding unique, beautiful things with which to furnish your home is no trick; finding them for under $100 is a triumph requiring patience, knowledge, decisiveness, willingness to explore dusty corners, and luck. Here's some help for your hunting.America Dural Among rare mahogany Empire settees and Saarinen chairs, this Huron Avenue shop -- named for the owner's childhood nanny -- offers a selection of cruise-ship cutlery. This "hotel silver," heavily plated, has a high pewter content and a satisfying heft. Individual knives, forks, and spoons engraved with "France," the name of one of the glamorous steamships that once crossed the Atlantic, cost $15 each, or add eight to your flatware collection for $96. 143 Huron Avenue, Cambridge, 617-661-4100 Zimman's People with sewing machines have worn a path to this downtown Lynn building, where the home-decor fabric, passementerie, and accessory selection is extraordinary. The prices for designer fabrics are lower than retail; climb down the creaky stairs to the bargain basement for very affordable remnants. Another plus: The knowledgeable sales staff will guide you through design decisions and help with measurements. They'll even help you choose remnant fabric to create a fresh new dining room look with place mats, chair seats, window valences, and a runner -- all for less than $100. 80 Market Street, Lynn, 781-598-9432, Appleton Antique Lighting Lamps and fixtures from the Chestnut Hill shop of Jane and Loukas Deimezis illuminate carriage-trade homes as well as the august halls of Harvard, King's Chapel, the Wang Center, and Symphony Hall. In a vast basement workshop, they do repairs, while accessories are displayed among the chandeliers, sconces, and lamps of the street-level showroom. From a line of discontinued Victorian lampshades, one well-constructed fringed beauty retails for $52.50. 801 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill, 617-566-5322, Baranzelli Silk Surplus Two words have the cognoscenti scurrying to this Charles Street shop: discounted Scalamandre. Well-heeled homeowners and museum houses such as The Breakers and the White House have long relied on Scalamandre fabrics and trims for historically correct upholstery and drapery; the lush colors and superb quality are equally at home in contemporary apartments. Closeouts of the famous trims that retail at $80 to $100 per yard (and up) here cost $40 per yard. 113 Charles Street, Boston, 617-227-1515, Cambridge Antique Market Located across the road from the Lechmere Green Line station, five floors of an old brick mansard-roofed mercantile building hold more than 150 dealers' worth of everything from high-end antiques to just plain cheap stuff. Some great side and end tables that recently clustered near the entry, all under $100, are most likely gone. In other words, if you like what you find, buy it -- it probably won't be there when you go back. 201 Monsignor O'Brien Highway, Cambridge, 617-868-9655, Circle Furniture Outlets This local chain's two excellent outlets are chock-full of returned, overstocked, dinged, or discontinued merchandise. But look out for a steeply discounted item or two among the full-priced offerings at their retail stores, too. A recent find: a few Ekornes leather storage ottomans in the retail stores for $99.59 (manufacturer's retail price: $995). Bargains reign at the two outlets: Some swear by the one at corporate headquarters in Acton, but others say the Cambridge site is best. 19 Craig Road, Acton, 978-263-7268, and 281 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, 617-876-3988, The Furniture Consignment Gallery Price-watchers love the markdown system: Every month, for three months, consigned objects are reduced by an additional 10 percent. However, the merchandise does not usually stay on the selling floor for long, probably because pieces are arranged in attractive vignettes instead of the usual consignment-store jumble. While most goods cost considerably more than $100, a lovely gilded mirror was recently offered for just under that. 756 Washington Street, Hanover, 781-826-5114, Gourmet Pottery Owner and proprietor Dinny Myerson furnishes her Moody Street storefront with things she likes: turquoise and cobalt plates from Morocco, ceramics hand thrown and glazed by a reclusive Maine potter, Haitian wall art fashioned from recycled oil drums. For $95, a large piece will bring drama to any room. 365 Moody Street, Waltham, 781-642-1212, Isla Beach House Sigrid Olsen's individualistic sunny sensibility informed her eponymous clothing line; now she turns her artist's eye to painting and home decor with a store on Gloucester's Rocky Neck. A 12-inch nickel-and-glass hurricane lamp has a considerable, sleek presence. For indoor or outdoor spaces, it sells for $85. 77 Rocky Neck Avenue/Madfish Wharf, Gloucester, 978-281-1766, Johnson Paint The Bentley of interior paints is Farrow and Ball's pigment-rich, environmentally friendly, almost matte, English-made Estate Emulsion. This latex paint is beloved by interior designers for its unparalleled hues and by painters for the easy, satiny application. Seventy-year-old Johnson Paint Co. is the only area retail store that stocks Farrow and Ball paints. Try the cute little sample cans for $6.50 before you pick your color. A gallon of Estate Emulsion covers a 9-by-12-foot room and costs $79.50. 355 Newbury Street, Boston, 617-536-4244, Main Street Antiques and Main Street Marketplace Savvy hunters know that multi-dealer antiques shops are where the bargains lurk. This is certainly true on Main Street in Plymouth, where two such two-story shops, four doors apart and belonging to the same owners, offer great variety from a range of sources. A sturdy wicker table, just in time for summer dining, costs $50. 46 Main Street, Plymouth, 508-747-8887 The Marketplace at IKEA At the store that gave inexpensive home design a good name, stay on the main level instead of riding up the escalator, and you'll find The Marketplace. This is where the company displays accent pieces and home accessories and where a sale is always going on. Occasionally, there's even a piece of marked-down furniture. Recently, a large (almost 2-foot-square) mirror framed in solid birch was $29.99. And a big box of candles was priced at $1.99. 1 IKEA Way, Stoughton, 888-937-5800, Marshalls The store that offers designer clothing for less is also an excellent source for discounted pots and pans. For example, Le Creuset, the enameled cast-iron French cookware that comes in wonderful colors and cooks like a dream, is often available for half the retail price. Thus, a 2-quart cobalt-blue French oven can cost $92.50 instead of $185. 1 Worcester Road, Framingham, 508-872-2684, and other locations, New England Demolition and Salvage Homeowners shopping for plumbing fixtures and architectural elements for antique houses soon learn that old is not only better, it is often the only option that will fit and look right. In 140,000 square feet, owners Harry and Jeanine James display bathtubs, sinks, millwork, windows, and various other house parts. Raised-panel interior doors, elegant forbears of their modern hollow counterparts, cost about $50; an old doorknob can cost $10 or $60. 73 Cove Street, New Bedford, 508-992-1099, Pier 1 Imports The harsh truth about furniture is that quality costs. The hallmarks of good furniture are dovetailing, mortise-and-tenon joinery, hand-tied springs, hardwood frames -- in other words, skilled labor and fine materials. If you want quality, skip the inexpensive new stuff -- unless it's rattan. Far more affordable than wood, rattan is a mainstay of this company. In their clearance sections, a Chinese-inspired rattan side chair was selling for $79.98. 425 Washington Street, Woburn, 781-935-8854, and other locations; Portland Architectural Salvage This four-story industrial building near Route 295 is the reason architects, builders, interior designers, and historic preservationists drive to Portland, Maine. Although some things cost dearly, many do not: Vintage shutters with cutouts are available for about $100, and cast-iron-filigree radiator covers, at $75, can also function as shelves, decorative wall panels, and outdoor tables. 131 Preble Street, Portland, Maine, 207-780-0634, Red Tag Sale, Boston Design Center Showrooms at the Design Center offer a dizzying range of home decor products to the trade (and to members who pay a yearly fee), but the Design Center throws open its doors to the public at no charge in April for its annual Red Tag sale. This year, a jade box that originally cost $250 was for sale for $20. 1 Design Center Way, South Boston, 617-449-5506, Salvation Army Thrift Store All the Salvation Army's 20 Massachusetts Family Thrift stores have a changing stock of donated items, but for an especially good selection, try the main warehouse and its attached store on the southbound side of Route 1 in Saugus. Recently, we spotted a wooden five-drawer chest with a $79 price tag. 209 Broadway, Saugus, 781-231-0803, The Stock Exchange A stringent consignment policy, combined with a practiced eye for craftsmanship and design, results in a quirky, charming store that's a favorite with interior designers. Recently, a set of blue-and-white Willow Ware dishes for 12 was offered at $75. Another excellent buy spotted recently: a pair of down pillows from Restoration Hardware, their tags still attached, for $60. 3 Beach Street, Manchester-by-the-Sea, 978-526-8878 Witch City Consignment Joseph Bayles, owner of Salem's largest consignment store, touts the ecological and the economic advantages of buying used furniture. "Instead of sending that perfectly good piece of furniture to the landfill, you're recycling," he says. "Cheap brand-new furniture has no intrinsic value," he adds, "but a mahogany chest of drawers will still be desirable after you're done with it." Such a chest of drawers was for sale in his shop recently for $95. 301 Essex Street, Salem, 978-744-4433, Regina Cole is a freelance writer in Gloucester. Send comments to
If You Could Collect 60watts of Solar Power From a Solar Panel That Was Getting Its Power?
Even if you had a light with reflector unit that somehow produced 60 watts of light energy from 60 watts of input, the solar panel is only about 20% efficient, so it would return 12 watts of output. That's real world. And in some more perfect conversion - extremely low friction raising water to drive a water wheel that raised the water - extremely low is not zero - it still would not continue to function.1. I somehow made a solar panel with just an aluminum plate hooked up to my circuit I made. The voltage increases when close to light.?Doubtful. If you are using an electrolytic capacitor, you are probably seeing the effects of dielectric relaxation2. Why even bother building dams, windmills, solar panel farms? Nuclear energy is much better?I've got to agree with you, at least a little. The thing is, that's the same thing people used to say about guns. "This **** sucks man, it takes a minute just to fire off one shot. I can shoot thirty arrows in the time it takes to shoot one bullet. Now we handheld guns that can shoot 700 rounds per minute. Yeah, solar sucks now. The start up cost is a LOT, and they take up a lot of room. They also have to be upkept, and replaced eventually. That's the way it was with any new technology. Tvs, radios, computers, medicine, cars, you name it, they all sucked *** in the beginning. Nuclear fission is good, but solar, if given time, can be better.3. solar panel w/ inverter installed contractor fee?That depends on where, and how big, among other things4. Are solar panel batteries hazardous?yes. It depends on the type of battery, but they all are toxic, I think. often they contain lead and certainly acid. Do not just throw them away5. Should the US transform a hundred thousand acres of western desert into a solar panel power plant?First of all wacko liberal environmentalist would never let it happen. 90% of the land in AZ is owned by one form of government or a native American reservation. Almost all of it has some type of protected species, plant life or insect on it. If you could get past that, which you would not cause nobody does, then there is the cost of building and maintaining the monstrosity. Then there would be the cost of building the transmission lines, once again over protected lands. After all was said and done the technology would only deliver a small amount of power vs. the investment required. It would be a whole lot easier and make more sense to build nuclear power.6. Would a 20 watt solar panel be enough to power my 250 watt incadescant heat bulb for my chickens in the shed?You would effectively need to produce in excess of the 250 watts needed to power the incandescent heat bulbs. (You would need at least 13 x 20w panels) Is there a more effective way of creating low-powered light (from say an LED source) while storing the sunlight in say a storage heater for heat-release overnight?7. Can I add things to my home loan, such as a new solar panel system?Depends on your loan type and your credit as well as your income, look into a 203k loan possibly, but not sure if those will do building a home I know they will help when buying a fixer upper or rehab8. Cost of a solar panel?The solar panel itself might cost less than a dollar a watt but the devices needed to convert and store the electricity are never mentioned. They cost more9. 12V Solar panel: how do I drop the voltage to 6V without just wasting the power?Using an amplification circuit defeats the purpose of using photovoltaics. Amplifiers require additional energy sources. You cannot increase the watts...that is impossible The only way to increase the voltage of photovoltaics is to wire multiple modules in series prior to connection to the inverter. Either that or use an inverter which accepts a lower input voltage, but still outputs the desired AC voltage. Whatever the case may be, the overall I*V product of current and voltage, power, will never be increased without energy addition. It will remain nearly constant throughout your circuit, but will slightly decrease due to heat dissipation losses.
"Contact Us Form in a Custom Template
If you have already a template the do call it like: Because your 2nd way it like adding additional step to call same result. While 1st way does have wrong block because you do not need that, you just need to call block core/template and just set FormAction to it1. My teenager son got a local girl pregnant. Now she and her parents are attempting to contact us relentlessly. How should I deal with the situation?You are going to have to deal with this for at least eighteen years, or your son will, unless she gets an abortion. You might as well talk now. See what her plans are. Your son is responsible2. Wedding venue will not contact us back?I would be going Bridezilla on their hineys for lack of a better term! Is there like an 800 number on their site for immediate assistance? I understand sometimes things can be a extra busy, especially given the fact this is the most popular times to book weddings but they should be able to pick up the phone for like 5 minutes. Hope you hear from them soon!3. Magento contact us custom transactional email: Customer received plain html codesMaybe late for an answer...Make sure your config.xml contains such a line : html. Hope this helps4. Do I need to setup an SMTP MTA for a contact us form on a VPS?there is NO need for anything installed as mailx - send and receive Internet mail IS already installed on your system, this is part of any Linux distro out there, but just in case if it does not you can always install it separately UNLESS you are planning to receive emails as well and in that case you DO need to install SMTP MTA (such as: sendmail/postfix/etc)5. If aliens are aware of us what are some reasons they wouldnu2019t contact us?For the same reason - the president of the UN - wo not meet with the leader of the suricats6. Why do most employment agencies in Australia say "contact us" when you are in Australia?This is simple a fail safe approach to hiring. I had this thrown at me before.Reason is that most applicants come to Australia on first entry, get a roaming sim and then go back to their jobs in their country of origin. While there, they pose to recruiters that they are still inside Australia and can join within a week or two of interview. This creates problems for recruiters if somehow the applicant does not show up.In order to tackle this most recruiters are simply omitting candidates who have no Australian work experience7. There was an error processing your order. Please contact us or try again laterThere are a couple of things that might be going on:exception 'Zend_Mail_Exception' with message 'Subject set twice' in /var/www/vhosts/theshowerdoctors.ie/httpdocs/lib/Zend/Mail.php:933The last line in exception.log is this. Seeing the stack trace, I would disable the extension Mage_Advancedsmtp. To do this, open app/etc/modules/Mage_Advancedsmtp. xml, and change the value of the node to be false.I do not think this is causing a problem, but it looks to be there is a problem with permissions for your LESS files. Your LESS compiler is triggering an exception, as it can not find the files to compile. Since there is no URLs logged with the stack trace, I can not tell whether this is also causing the problem.This is a PHP open_basedir() issue. The php script cannot access the LESS file. If this is what is causing the problem, then your web host probably changed permissions on your server, which would cause the problem.8. Contact us via dpo@company.com vs. Contact us at dpo@company.comcom vs.com9. Contact us as you find convenientThe original is simply not idiomatic.10. When will beings from other planets finally make first contact with us humans?Never, we will all be dead too soon11. Our "Contact Us” page is outperforming our "Home” page on GoogleAs you said, it makes sense to rank that way. You do not have to do anything dirty though and all you can do is to provide additional information on your homepage.This happens often on sites where the homepage has lots of product images but not much text.
What I Learned at One Month
The notion of 'fake it til you make it' was never more accurate than when I was working with developers. I'm sure they could see my glazed over look when they talked about 'refactoring', our 'Django admin' and the various versions of React we had between our frontend website and our app. Although a lot of this talk still sends many questions to my brain, I feel much more capable of grasping the concepts and understanding the basics of what we need.Speaking of refactoring, I was recently asked by one of our developers if I could help get their project of creating a 'mono repo' for our website approved by our leadership team. The idea was to create a central repo, rather than one for our static web pages and another for our 'app'. All of this would help the teams code faster, share between projects and allow for the implementation of our design system. One month ago, all of this talk would have made zero sense to me, and I wouldn't have been confident in explaining and pitching the idea to leadership, much less answering any curve balls they had. However, after learning the basics of programming through this course, last week I successfully pitched and was approved to start the project!In the next three months, I'm hoping to delve deeper into the specifics of our company's website so I can further apply the learnings I already have. I'm also planning to sit with our devops team and learn more about the process of taking completed code, sending it to our staging environment and releasing to production - including the use of Github, CircleCi and DockerHub (which currently I really have no clue about!)Overall, this course has taught me the structure of website builds, allowed me to understand the day to day terms used by developers and designers, as well as apply a lot of this to my current role. I feel as though I now have the foundations needed to build on this knowledge, whether that be actually learning to code or simply talking at a high level to developers as well as executive teams. At the very least, I now feel much more helpful when working with my engineering teams as we work through challenges and how best to solve them·RELATED QUESTIONHow can you plaster over a glazed tile wall?How can you plaster over a glazed tile wall?Glazed wall tile offer nothing for plaster to stick to, so plastering directly to tile isn't a good idea. Add the fact that wall tiles may not be on a sound, solid subsurface, and the additional weight of the plaster could cause the wall to crack or even delaminate from the framing.If you want to refinish a ceramic tile wall, you can use a bonding adhesive over the tile for the scratch coat, and hope for the best, or you can fasten wire lath through the tile joints and the lath will mechanically fasten the plaster so it doesn't have to bond, or you can fasten tile backer board or cement board over the tile for a substrate.Before trying any method to plaster over tile, tap the walls and listen for soft spots or hollow sounds. A solid tile wall will sound solid, that is, the sound will be sharp, not muffled sounding, and it will be consistent across the whole wall's surface.
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