Fine Dining in the Circle City

Brick archways, cloth-covered tables, soothing background music, and a low-light interior make for an intimate setting. Understated elegance and excellent meals are the reasons that many Dothan foodies make Bellas their restaurant of choice for very special occasions. Many engagement parties, anniversaries and retirement parties have been hosted at this former (circa 1945) J.

C. Penney building at 111 West Troy Street. A combination of ambiance and culinary excellence keep diners coming back for those special nights out.

Some entrees are on the pricey side, but the food is truly exceptional. Lunches feature more casual fare including cold crisp salads, hearty soups, pasta, and sandwiches. The dinner menu is very innovative.

A favorite appetizer is the Eggplant Josephine, featuring fried eggplant layered with lump crab and drizzled with an incredible white butter (beurre blanc) sauce. Entrees such as the hand cut filet mignon and the almond crusted Mahi are truly exceptional. Wine and cocktails are available.

So make a reservation, put on your special dress or nice suit and meet your partner for an evening of fine dining at Bellas.For more information about Dothan, AL click here

The Genius in the Basics
I have a favorite cafe. it has brick walls and wooden tables and big windows that fill with light.I went there today to meet a friend. I had a matcha latte. my friend had the baristas choice. some combination of espresso and candied orange and seltzer.the barista is really good. he makes amazing drinks created from the oddest assortment of ingredients. but he wasnt always good. when he started, he practiced grinding beans and steaming milk and making shots of espresso.eventually he became so skilled in the fundamentals that making coffee turned into art.the barista makes up recipes. he candies oranges for some of the recipes and adds different types of milk or bitters or juices. he can do this because he started with the basics.these days we want to skip the basics. we want to be masters or teachers or experts. we want to make the six figures or have the thousands of fans or get the gallery exhibits. robert greene, author of Mastery, writes:this hunger for the magical shortcut has survived to our day in the form of simple formulas for success, ancient secrets finally revealed in which a mere change of attitude will attract the right energy[.] In the end all of this searching is centered on something that doesnt existthe effortless path to practical power, the quick and easy solution, the El Dorado of the mind.there is no quick fix. no easy solution. no effortless path. the way to get where you want to go takes time. it starts with the basics. how to make a good cup of coffee. thats where it starts.
Light Is the Future of Brick and Mortar
Traditional retail stores have many disadvantages over their online counterparts. Online stores are always open and available everywhere, offer a high number of references and rely on digital tools, benefiting from a whole arsenal of technologies in the cloud, including artificial intelligence, to customize offers to customers. The current revolution in the field of logistics makes delivery in one day, or even the same day, available in many places. But new technologies marrying mobile applications, localization based on indoor lighting and data analytics allow physical stores not to be outdone and to improve significantly the shopper experience. They can add the benefits of digital marketing to immediate, personalized service and an immersive experience.Lighting Based Indoor PositioningAt the heart of the digitalization of the brick and mortar stores is accurate indoor positioning, in order to help customers find their way within the space and to deliver them well calibrated information. Location is provided by interaction with the customers cellular phones in several ways. The GPS function of a phone is very imprecise or altogether absent indoor. WiFi offers a precision of 5 to 15m and dedicated Bluetooth beacons 1 to 10m. But the best accuracy, in the order of 10 to 30 cm is obtained with light communication technologies, the interaction of a phone with ambient visible light provided by LED fixtures.With LED lighting, a store can benefit from energy savings, a superior lighting quality which has a proven impact on the act of purchase but also, and without substantial investment, an infrastructure of digitalization. The communication technology is embedded in LED luminaires, eliminating the need for additional hardware components such as stand-alone beacons that require separate installation, maintenance, and power. This technology is ideal for creating powerful software services, in particular high-value mobile applications. Imagine walking into a retail store and pulling up your stores loyalty app, synchronizing with your shopping list and then having all of those items show up on a map with a line that is the optimal path to all of them. Thats possible because with light based localization at the 10cm level, navigation in buildings and shopping centers can bring directly to the desired product. By combining this information with RF communication (4G or WiFi), contextual content such as coupons, promotions or any relevant information (recipes ) can be pushed to the client to trigger engagement. This makes it also possible to create a link automatically between online searches and offline physical presence.A particularly promising and untapped opportunity is to link the customers location with instant feedback to generate more granular information about performance and satisfaction. The creation of heat maps with such a fine level of precision is important to generate a rich set of analytics and approach the very high level of agility of digital stores. A potential high value application is the ability for store owners to reconfigure space within stores whenever performance declines and increase their ROI.How does that work ?Lucibel, a Lighting Networks manufacturer leader in Light Communications technologies, has developed a positioning technology that combines precision, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. There are multiple ways to encode information into light, and they all involve some modulation of the amplitude, frequency or phase of the electromagnetic field . The modulation scheme used for this application is On-Off Keying. The information encoded into the visible light is an identifier specific to each luminaire, so that, once the signal is detected by the receiver, the users device can be positioned in the tagged illuminated area with a few meters precision, depending on the ceilings height. An additional algorithm gives, through analysis of the angle of arrival technique, the position in the light beam at the 10 cm precision level.This way, the customers device disposes of its relative position with respect to the stores tagged lighting fixtures map. It is then straightforward to display the absolute position on the store map or any map application. But the main innovation lies in the fact that the receiver is the camera of the mobile phone of the user. The bit rate required to transmit the location information is very small, of the order of a few kb / s, and there is no need, such as with high speed LiFi, for dedicated high performance electronics. The detection is based on the fact that, in mobile phones CMOS imaging sensors, the capture of an image is done not at once, but pixel line by pixel line according to the principle of rolling shutter. The values are archived in a buffer memory, and when all the lines have been processed, the image is reconstituted in its entirety and displayed at a speed of 20 to 30 frames per second.The front or selfie camera is activated by the store or a mapping application, distinct from the photo application, so that the sequence of images taken in burst is not visible to the user. By making the light modulation frequency lower than the display frequency of the image and greater than the flicker frequency, the identification code of the luminaire can be inserted into each image taken. The images as such are of no interest and will most often be images of the ground or walls, given the angle of view.Visible light localization, in addition to its unparalleled precision, offers a very short response time of around 100ms, offering a smooth navigation, an absolute orientation once combined with the stores lighting fixtures map and, like LiFi, guarantees the absence of interference and signal quality even in the presence of many users.And when theres no light ?Although this is not really a problem for the use cases considered that involve the interaction of the user with his phone, it is obvious that the technology of localization by light does not work when the receiver is hidden, in a purse for example. In this case, WiFi and Bluetooth take over in background for a coarse localization. The integration of Bluetooth beacons in a part of the luminaires is easy to achieve and benefits from the luminaires power supply.The hybridization of light and RF technologies makes sense for the development of heat maps and continuity in data collection if the customer is passive. Conversely, the optical tracking allows for precise measurement of the power of the RF signal in real time, which avoids expensive manual surveys.Other use casesLight based indoor localization is a fit for many use cases. It is intended to be deployed beyond the retail sector in offices, industry, hospitals, transport and cultural venues. In museums for example, it will be the basis of new generations of audio guides to ensure triggering precise contextual information in front of works of art, to be displayed for example on Augmented Reality glasses.In the industry, asset tracking has a fundamental role in process optimization. Robots needs extreme precision, especially when they are brought to hospitals or warehouses, for example, to act together and safely with humans. In this regard, it should be noted that the light localization technology is the only one that ensures a precise location along the vertical axis, in 3D, using the arrival directions of the light beams.A bright futureLED Lighting is where the internet was in the 80s. Just as we could not then have predicted what the internet is now, 30 years later, so we cannot foresee all that light and lighting will become in the next decades. But one thing is sure: LEDs are intrinsically digital devices, and so the lighting infrastructure is naturally a backbone for information, and this goes beyond smart lighting.Retail business and building owners must factor in their lighting technology choice what additional value it can bring, beyond lighting. Whereas brick and mortar stores have been promised a grim future, by choosing localization enabled lighting networks, they can reboot their business for years to come and give themselves a chance to thrive and even overcome some of their digital competitors. To learn more about the technologyGhassemlooy, Luo and Zvanovec. Optical Camera Communications. Optical Wireless Communications. Springer International Publishing, 2016. p547568.Danakis et al. Using a CMOS camera sensor for visible light communication. Globecom Workshops. IEEE, 2012.Do and Yoo. An in-depth survey of visible light communication based positioning systems. Sensors 16. 5 (2016): 678. Zhang. Localisation, communication and networking with VLC: challenges and opportunities. preprint arXiv:1709.01899 (2017)
Waffle House Is still the Answer
Like lucid dreaming, the wave-particle duality of light, twinkies and Donald Trump, there may be no rational explanation for why people crave Waffle House. You walk in, the floors are sticky, you can practically see the perspiration from the line cooks brow drop onto your toast and odds are youve known someone whos gone into cardiac arrest in there. Has the FDA seen this place?Ive never had a problem eating at Waffle House. In fact, I view eating Waffle House as a sort spiritual exercise where I consume this base, corrosive substance and train my body to turn it into positive energy. Its a Buddhist concept I picked up in college, likely between joints, where you turn negative thoughts, events, etc. into positive things by flipping your perspective on them. In the much more esoteric realms of Buddhism, stories are told of men who have trained themselves to gain sustenance from the sun alone. Or, about men who can consume toxic poisons without dying because they apply these principles of mind over matter, willing themselves to overcome the shortcomings of their humanness.It starts out simple and all. You get rejected by a girl and you flip the script to say well now I have enough time to beat the final boss in Zelda or something like that. You advance stage by stage, flipping every negative thing that happens so that you come out on top until youre trying to drink a bottle of Drain-O without throwing it back up. At this point your friends become concerned and you stop wearing red robes and shaving your head bald. Youll then throw all those new age books in the trash and start exercising and listening to the Beastie Boys. So anyway, back to Waffle House. Waffle House is fantastic and aside from being a spiritual exercise, its food like all other food so it keeps you alive.The appeal of Waffle House is akin to the appeal of analog music in this age of electronic music. Electronic music is clean, concise, nearly perfect. Analog music is subject to more error because humans are operating the instruments and humans try to drink bottles of Drain-O believing that they have the power within them to ignore the basic, toxic chemicals in the substance despite the fact that Drain-O is powerful enough to dissolve months of pubic hair buildup and your stomach can barely handle a second piece of pizza.Computers, if given access to all the facts that your average human has about Drain-O would never try and swallow it unless compelled by some insane, self-destructive force.Enough about Drain-O. There is no rational connection between it and Waffle House. But, on second thought, werent we addressing the irrational nature of our desire for Waffle House? Maybe there is something here.Maybe, metaphorically speaking of course, Waffle House is the Drain-O of the southern food canon No. That wont work.Bah.Lets drop it.The fact is:I fucking love Waffle House
How Do You Like Better Edward Cullen,Jasper Cullen , Emmett Cullen, Or Jacob Black?
omg i luv twilight i LOVE Edward— — — — — —Sylvester JasperSylvester Jasper (born 13 September 2001) is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward for Fulham— — — — — —What fun summer activity can you do in Jasper, Alberta?We love Jasper. We actually travel by motorhome and stay at the Whistlers Campground. Elk all over the place. The town of Jasper is great to visit. Shops and great restaurants (one great pizza palor I forgot the name but on the main street downtown). Take a tram up the mountainside or visit the rodeo which is usually in town in the summer. Depending on how long you stay, you might want to drive down the Icefields Parkway to Lake Louise. This is the most beautiful Lake we have ever seen with glaciers feeding into it. Have fun, we are going back next summer. Janet— — — — — —Matthew JasperMatthew Jasper (born 12 September 1972) is a British short track speed skater. He competed at the 1992 Winter Olympics and the 1998 Winter Olympics.— — — — — —Jasper and Rosalie Hale? Where In Twilight?Not sure what page, but in chapter 8 or 9. I am pretty positive with it— — — — — —Jasper WestJasper West was a provincial electoral district in Alberta, Canada, mandated to return a single member to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta using the first past the post method of voting from 1959 to 1963.— — — — — —Have you ever been to Jasper,Ark ?It's about 100 miles southeast of Bentonville. I do not know much about it, I think I've been there once or twice. It's certainly a small town, very rural. It's a beautiful place though. The Buffalo river is near there and it's a blast to canoe it— — — — — —What style of art does Jasper Johns do?Jasper Johns was an 'American Pop' artist. His aim was to draw our attention to and celebrate common objects. He called these things "seen but not looked at. " Among them, were his Targets as you mentioned, but also flags, numbers, and alphabets. These are everyday objects often seen but rarely analyzed. Beyond the style, his technique would be called Encaustic. This is a technique of painting with wax— — — — — —who's better Jasper Hale or Edward Cullen?Jasper WHITLOCK Hale is better of course. He tried to kill Bella. This should prove his superiority. Plus he's one of the only decent characters in a crap series. The others being Rosalie and Tyler's van— — — — — —What color flowers would go well with this Jasper colored bridesmaid?That's a beautiful dress! I would say cream colored roses with pink tips (so they are not too white like the brides bouquet). Looking at the flowers in the picture, you can see a light pink flower might work too, but I am kind of iffy on that— — — — — —How come suddenly everyone has a grandparent or relative named Rosalie, Jasper, etc to name their kid after?My grandparents are Alan and Leonie and Leslie and Judith "Judy" I have loved the name Jasper for years, well before all this Twilight bullsh!t. And if I have another son one day I might just use it. I really could not give two hoots about some character to be honest.— — — — — —Jasper, Indiana, micropolitan areaThe Jasper micropolitan statistical area, as defined by the United States Census Bureau, is an area consisting of two counties in southwestern Indiana, anchored by the city of Jasper. At the 2010 census, the Micropolitan area (SA) had a population of 54,734 up from a population of 52,511 in the 2000 census. The micropolitan area covers an area of 776 sq mi (2,010 km2).— — — — — —how can jasper CHALCEDONYS have a hardness of over 9.5 on mohs scale?It does not , it has a hardness between 6— — — — — —Rosalie and Jasper in Twilight....?Rosalie and Jasper are twins. Esme is supposed to be their aunt. and if they were Cullen it be like they were dating their siblings even though they are all "adopted"— — — — — —Help me find a picture of Jasper Hale (Twilight)?Why r u all so stuck on that movie?— — — — — —West Jasper Place, Edmonton (area)West Jasper Place is a residential area in the west portion of the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. It was established in 1972 through Edmonton City Council's adoption of West Jasper Place Outline Plan, which guides the overall development of the area.
(source: OFweek)With the popularity of computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and other electronic products, there are more and more applications of data transmission and fast charging between electronic devices through interconnection, which makes USB type-C and quick charge (QC) become a new trend of market development. The goal of USB type-C interface is to adopt a unified interface for the interconnection between different electronic devices. At the same time, it can provide power supply and transmit data, and also support audio and video and customer personalized communication protocols. Quick charge reduces the loss on the cable and connector by increasing the output voltage to increase the output power, and sets the output voltage through different states of USB signal lines D , D -.Therefore, in order to meet the two standards of USB type-C and quick charge, we need a power controller that can adjust the voltage according to the requirements of electric equipment. Ansenmey semiconductor's single inductor H-bridge voltage rise and fall power controller ncp81239 is a very ideal choice. It can adapt to a wide input voltage range and a wide output voltage range. The integrated I2C interface of the chip can cooperate with the external microcontroller (MCU) to adjust the output voltage step by step, and can realize a variety of fast charging protocols on the same type-C port. It can also connect with apple lighting interface fast charging protocol, Samsung interface fast charging protocol, etc.Ncp81239 supports a wide input voltage range, provides dynamically programmable switching frequency from 150kHz to 1.2MHz, integrates four MOSFET drives, adopts double edge current mode control, supports output pre bias start, adaptive dead time control to prevent through, has independent input and output current detection, and the output voltage (range 0 to 20V) can be programmed through I2C, integrates overvoltage, undervoltage Perfect protection functions such as overcurrent and accurate overload protection, as well as protection of 5V vconn power supply.Ncp81239 adopts double edge current mode voltage rise and fall control, which can realize seamless switching from step-down mode to step-up mode. I2C interface only uses two signal lines to realize two-way serial communication. The connection of open drain can easily interface between different logic levels, and is compatible with MCU of 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V logic levels.The input and output current can be detected through the detection resistance on the high side. The detected voltage is divided into internal and external channels: the internal current signal is used for loop control and current limiting protection of current mode, the overcurrent protection can be set or shielded through the internal register, the internal fixed gain is 10 times, and the internal current value is stored in the corresponding register through analog-to-digital converter (ADC), It can be read through I2C; The external current signal can be read by MCU to perform corresponding software operation. The external impedance can set the current measurement range. The transconductance of the current detection operational amplifier is 5ms. The external resistance capacitor can also be connected to filter the current signal into an average value.Ncp81239 has a built-in 4-channel 7-bit ADC, which can realize a / D conversion between input and output, and the corresponding value can be read by reading the internal register through I2C. The internal feedback reference voltage is set through a 9-bit DAC, the reference voltage range is 0V to 2.55V, and the output voltage range can be set through the external voltage dividing network at the same time. Because the internal step size has 9-bit ADC and the step size is relatively small, it is convenient to set the compensation cable voltage drop with MCU I2C interface, so that the load terminal voltage can be maintained within the error range of the set value. It is very suitable for occasions requiring voltage regulation such as qc3.0 or USB PD.Under USB PD, qc2.0, qc3.0 and other specifications, if the output voltage needs to be dynamically set, the voltage regulation rate will be involved. If the voltage regulation speed is too fast, it will lead to inductance current overshoot, output voltage overshoot or undershoot. Ncp81239 built-in register can be set through I2C interface to control the slope of voltage rise and fall during voltage regulation.When the output voltage is higher than 110% of the set value for more than one switching cycle, ncp81239 will enter the overvoltage protection mode. During overvoltage protection, S1 is turned off, S2 is turned on, S3 and S4 will be turned on alternately to discharge the output voltage and prevent the reverse current from exceeding the set reverse protection current value. In case of output overvoltage fault, the switching frequency will be reduced to 50KHz to prevent inductance saturation and reduce the power consumption on the power tube.The traditional synchronous rectifier control starts when the output has a pre bias voltage, and the output will discharge first and then rise. When the output is pre biased, ncp81239 will work in asynchronous rectification mode at startup and will not discharge the output. It is suitable for battery load. The output voltage is within / - 5% of the set value, and the power good signal will be sent after a delay of 3.3ms. If the output voltage exceeds / - 7% of the set value for more than one switching cycle, the power good register resets and outputs an interrupt signal.Ncp81239 supports four I2C addresses, which can be configured before the chip leaves the factory according to the needs of customers. The I2C address of the default model is e8h / e9h. In addition, ncp81239 has overheating protection. If the chip junction temperature exceeds 150 degrees, it will turn off four external switches and restart when the temperature drops to 125 degrees.
Introduction to Ifx007t High Current Half Bridge Motor Driver
Infineon's ifx007t is an integrated high current half bridge motor driver and is an industrial and multi-purpose novalithic ™ Part of the series, including a p-channel high side MOSFET and an n-channel low side MOSFET and integrated driver in the same package. Since the p-channel high side switch does not need a charging pump, EMI is minimized; Because the integrated driver IC has logic level input, current detection and diagnosis, conversion rate adjustment, dead time generation and protection against overtemperature, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit, the interface with MCU becomes easy, providing a cost optimization solution with very small board space for protecting high current PWM motor drive. The maximum path resistance at @ 25 ℃ is 12.8 m Ω, The maximum of high side is 6.5 m Ω, the maximum of low side is 6.3 m Ω, the current limiting level is 55A, with latch characteristics and undervoltage shutdown characteristics, the working voltage is up to 40V, jesd47i qualification, ifx007t and other ifx007t form H-bridge or other 3-phase drive configuration, which is mainly used in motor drive. This paper introduces the main characteristics, block diagram and application circuit of ifx007t, as well as the main characteristics of ifx007t motor control board, Arduino motor control circuit diagram and PCB layout.The IFX007T is an integrated high current half bridge for motor drive applications. It is part of the Industrial &Multi PurposeNovalithIC ™ family containing one p-channel high-side MOSFET and one n-channel low-sideMOSFET with an integrated driver IC in one package. Due to the p-channel high-side switch the need for acharge pump is eliminated thus minimizing EMI. Interfacing to a microcontroller is made easy by the integrated driver IC which features logic level inputs, diagnosis with current sense, slew rate adjustment, deadtime generation and protection against overtemperature, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit.The IFX007T provides a cost optimized solution for protected high current PWM motor drives with very lowboard space consumption.The IFX007T is part of the Industrial &Multi PurposeNovalithIC ™ family containing three separate chips in onepackage: One p-channel high-side MOSFET and one n-channel low-side MOSFET together with a driver IC,forming an integrated high current half-bridge. All three chips are mounted on one common lead frame, using the chip-on chip and chip-by-chip technology. The power switches utilize vertical MOS technologies to ensureoptimum on state resistance. Due to the p-channel high-side switch the need for a charge pump is eliminatedthus minimizing EMI. Interfacing to a microcontroller is made easy by the integrated driver IC which featureslogic level inputs, diagnosis with current sense, slew rate adjustment, dead time generation and protectionagainst overtemperature, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit. The IFX007T can be combined withother IFX007Ts to form a H-bridge or a3-phase drive configuration.Main features of ifx007t:• Path resistance of max. 12.8 mΩ @ 25℃ (typ. 10.0 mΩ @ 25℃)High side: max. 6.5 mΩ @ 25℃ (typ. 5.3 mΩ @ 25℃)Low side: max. 6.3 mΩ @ 25℃ (typ. 4.7mΩ @ 25℃)• Enhanced switching speed for reduced switching losses• Capable for high PWM frequency combined with active freewheeling• Switched mode current limitation for reduced power dissipation in overcurrent• Current limitation level of 55 A min.• Status flag diagnosis with current sense capability• Overtemperature shutdown with latch behavior• Undervoltage shutdown• Driver circuit with logic level inputs• Adjustable slew rates for optimized EMI• Operation up to 40 V• Green Product (RoHS compliant)• JESD47I QualifiedFigure 1. Block diagram of ifx007tFigure 2. Ifx007t application circuit: two ifx007ts form an H-bridgeFigure 3. Ifx007t application circuit: half bridge composed of ifx007t (load grounding)Ifx007t motor control boardThe Motor Control Shield adds powerful motor control to the Arduino projects. The shield can be controlledwith the general logic IO-Ports of a microcontroller. Either an Arduino Uno or the XMC1100 Boot Kit fromInfineon can be used as the master.On board of the Motor Control Shield are three IFX007T NovalithICTM. Each is featuring one P-channel hig h sideMOSFET and one N-channel low side MOSFET with an integrated driver IC in one package. Due to the P-channelhigh side switch a charge pump is not needed.The IFX007T half-bridge is easy to control by applying logic level signals to the IN and INH pin. When applying aPWM to the IN pin the current provided to the motor can be controlled with the duty cycle of the PWM. With anexternal resistor connected between the SR pin and GND the slew rate of the power switches can be adjusted.The Motor Control Sh ield can be easily connected to any Arduino board or the XMC1100 Boot Kit via headers.The application targeted by the IFX007T devices is brushed DC/brushless DC Motor Control. Besides MotorControl any other inductive, resistive and capacitive load within the electrical characteristics of the NovalithIC ™ can be driven by the IFX007T. In the Motor Control Shield three IFX007T are used. Each is capable of driving up to 55 A. The limited thermal performance of the Shield PCB limits the recommended maximum current to 30 A.Figure 4. Outline drawing of ifx007t motor control boardMain features of ifx007t motor control board:• An Arduino Uno, XMC1100 Boot Kit, or similar board connected to the shield can control the three halfbridgesvia the general IO pins.• Brushed DC Motor Control up to 250 W continuous load- 8 – 24 V nominal input voltage (max. 6 – 40 V)- Average motor current 30 A restricted due to the limited power dissipation of the PCB (IFX007T currentlimitation @ 55 A min.)• Drives either one brush/less DC motor, one brushed bi-directional DC motor or three uni-directional DCmotors.• Capable of high frequency PWM, e.g. 25 kHz• Adjustable slew rates for optimized EMI by changing external resistor• Driver circuit with logic level inputs• Status flag diagnosis with current sense capability• Protection e.g. against overtemperature and overcurrent• Reverse polarity protection with IPD90P04P4L• Further comments:- Due to limited performance caused by the PCB layout, we recommend our customers to remove thecapacitance C5 for high frequency applications. It is only layout related, not refer to the device.- The size of the DC-link capacity (C4 in schematic) with 560 μ F is for most applications sufficient. But forhigh current applications, we recommend our customers to follow the design rule in our applicationnote and replace the DC-link cap with a bigger one.- Due to the limited area of the PCB and the small DC-link cap, the demoboard shouldn ’t be used forshort circuit test.- This demoboard is designed for both sensorless applications and the application with Hall sensor. Butfor the application with sensor, please remove R36/R37/R38 and solderR18/R19/R20/R21/R22/R23/R25/R26/R27.- Due to the limited pinout of the Arduino shield all IS pins of the three devices are connected together.According to different applications the value of R4 could be adjusted to achieve a better current senseperformance.Figure 5. Control circuit diagram of Arduino motor using ifx007tFigure 6. PCB layout of Arduino motor control board using ifx007tFigure 7. Motor control board connectorFor details, see: 00-EN.pdf? fileId=5546d46265f064ff0166433484070b75and Control_ Shield_ with_ IFX007T_ for_ Arduino-UM-UM-v01_ 00-EN.pdf? fileId=5546d462694c98b401696d2026783556Infineon-IFX007T-DS-v01_ 00-EN.pdfInfineon-Motor_ Control_ Shield_ with_ IFX007T_ for_ Arduino-UM-UM-v01_ 00-EN.pdf
Outfit Ideas Please! 10 Pts.?
Outfit ideas please! 10 pts.?wear the plaid tunic with black leggings and wear the knee high boots. pair it with a cute hairsyle, and lots of accessories. and your set (:— — — — — —Winter formal (really a formal valentines dance) what to wear?I wore a red tunic (a red shirt if you dont have a red tunic) with white shorts with black leggings with black flats— — — — — —what to wear with black leggings?First of all, leggings are only for girls.Are not you a boy? Anyways, my guess is (any color) baby dress about lower than the knees length and boots will look good with it.— — — — — —Could I wear shorts with black leggings?Sure short shorts.go for it— — — — — —Is it okay to wear leggings under shorts??i've seen fashion models looking beaut with leggings under shorts. they will look good if you wear them nicely. and, i would think black leggings with denim blue/black shorts will look great. and maybe a long necklace. :).— — — — — —Have you seen any interesting costumes today?Pacman. They were in a big dome from the waist up with their arms inside it and black leggings. BQ: I am a tardis BQ2: nope, I am handing out all the ones I do not want to keep though.— — — — — —Help with my fashion sense. lol?I would say black leggings and low converse with a leather / distressed denim / grungy checked jacket would look good without being too much of a drastic change. you could also dye your hair darker (though I wouldnt reccomend black, I would say a Dark Ash Brown - HOT colour) and wear a little eyliner but not too much. You probably dont want to lose the whole girly side of you so maybe go with bright nail polish at the same time and you wo not look like youve gone completely dark and bad - remember you want people to take you seriously! Also, maybe do not be so bubbly all the time, try and be a little more serious/mysterious but you do not need to start mouthing off and misbehaving to achieve a different look! Hope this helped ;D— — — — — —what can i wear with black leggings?White tights and black Tee shirt— — — — — —Is wearing black leggings to go running weird?Wear whatever the hell you want. People are not gonna be like "Look at what shes wearing omg". Have you ever asked yourself this "Do i go running to impress people or because I want to legit run" Just dont worry about this shiit wear whatever— — — — — —I need cute layering ideas! Can someone help me?This is a fashion emergency! XD?Ok I would layer the baby blue tank, the black tank and the grey tank, I would wear the grey one on top, then the blue one, then the black one, and I would wear them with shorts and black leggings underneath it would look awesome! Hope this helps!— — — — — —I have black leggings, and light green dress, and others posted, what should I put together for tomorrow?Because its summer, only where the the black ballet flats if you have black in the outfit. If you have silver flats, wear them with the green and silver dress. Depending on the color of you tees, wear a tee with jeans and your pink keds. Ideally a pink or green tee with brown pants.— — — — — —Where can i find a cheap pair of black leggings?Take a look at Twenga or Ciao they have great deals!— — — — — —do you think that black uggs black leggings and a denim mini skirt woukd look ok?I think that would look awful, but then again, Ugg boots are the epitome of horrid fashion— — — — — —do brown boots match with long black leggings?yes it does! Its all the rave in some places like schools with color dress codes— — — — — —Girls can you help me put an outfit together the main accessorie is my brown uggs...?Black leggings loose fitted dress bolero scarf— — — — — —50 points best answer. what should i wear with this caridgan?I think it would look great several ways. For a girly or more sophisticated look you could pair it with a dress. A darker color like black or heathered grey if you are going for sophisticated and a pastel for a feminine look. A floral dress would also look good with it. Accessorize with long layered pearls and chains, pearl earrings and ballet flats. Hair up in a sleek pony tail would show of the details of the cardigan. For a casual look a great pair of cuffed distressed jeans with flats and a bright color cami underneath. Accessorize with chunky bracelets and matching earrings. For an edgy look wear with black leggings or skinny jeans, black pumps and a grey shirt underneath (if the cardigan fits right you could wear it buttoned alone.but I find most cardigans are not flattering that way). A big ring and earrings would look good, or skip the earrings and do a headband with a large bow to add a hint of femininityy. Also try a skinny belt to cinch the waist. I personally think a cardigan like this a great staple for any girl's wardrobe.
Black Friday Is Red Hot Day
PETALING JAYA: Less than two weeks after splurging on the 11.11 Singles’ Day sales, Malaysians had another reason to scour online for more deals and discounts – Black Friday sales.The Black Friday shopping spree is a long-observed tradition in the United States, celebrated a day after the Thanksgiving holiday where retailers slash prices on items online and in store. Many e-commerce sites, among them Lazada, 11street and Shopee, played on the ease of online shopping by offering up to 85% off selected items on their shopping platforms for Black Friday.“In 2017, we saw a rise in gross merchandise value of up to 50% for Black Friday in comparison to a regular Friday. “The highest performing product category for the day was electronics, followed closely by fashion, and health & beauty,” said 11street chief operating officer Jenny Tay. “These days, we are seeing great traction with our customers, especially for purchases of mobile top-up vouchers and travel deals due to the upcoming year-end holiday season. “We do foresee that the hype around Black Friday might not be as significant as 11.11.” Student Ariesya Roslan, 21, got her hands on makeup, in particular a concealer usually priced at RM126 but marked down to RM89 on Black Friday. PR manager Ethan Wong stocked up on his Calvin Klein underwear and protein shake.Freelance writer KL Lee, 30, said he bought some games on Steam, PlayStation store and also a book from the Book Depository. “Samsung also started its Blue Week sale on the same day as Black Friday, and I managed to get a Samsung Galaxy Note FE for RM1,446.90 which is about RM630 cheaper than its original price,” he said. There were those who refrained from purchasing anything during the Black Friday sales after having hit their “shopping quota” during the 11.11 sales event. “I will not be spending any money on Black Friday as I just bought a new smartphone during the 11.11 sales event,” said graphic designer Emily Yeoh, 27. Writer Maria Fernandez said in jest “I only have RM50 left in my life” after splurging on makeup and clothing during the earlier sales.For the 11.11 sales, Shopee recorded more than 11 million orders in just 24 hours, with over 42 million total visits. It claimed that, at one point, it sold over 58,000 items in just one minute. Most of Lazada’s buyers on 11.11 were from Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang, and Perak who bought 27 tonnes of Milo in the first two hours and more than 4.5 million pieces of diapers.
Free FREE White Pages Website?
yes i will give one free sub domain of my website .1. How can I find my husband,I want a divorce,I do not know his address at all. The white pages r not helping?you do not need to find him. Go to your city hall and file for divorce. I believe that after a year if there is no response the court will grant your divorce. Every state has different laws2. Why canu2019t I read properly if a book has white pages, but I can read if a book has yellowish pages (eg: aged books)?Helen Irlen noticed and studied this phenomenon and wrote a book, Reading by the Colors. While, as the mother of two children with dyslexia problems, I am not convinced that as many people are helped by her methodology as she claims, there are definitely people who are enormously helped by either tinted glasses or simply putting a colored plastic sheet over the pages that they are reading. That is a really inexpensive fix to what can be a significant problem. I strongly recommend that you experiment with different colors. Good luck.Why can't I read properly if a book has white pages, but I can read if a book has yellowish pages (eg: aged books)?3. When printer ink says it yields 190 black pages, does it mean white pages with black typing?Yes it would be 190 pages with black text on them. Please bear in mind that when page yields are calculated it is done with a 5% page coverage which is the equivalent of a very light letter. As such if you are printing pages from your textbook I would anticipate you getting much less than 190 pages.4. do apps on smartphones use data? apps like yellow book or white pages? or just in general.?Yes. Apps like that do5. How do the White Pages find out your addres and phone number?By doing a computer search of all phone records and email addresses Jes***6. Does anyone know where is the Chinatown in Houston,TX?Whom you want to meet there? Search out YELLOW PAGES or White Pages.... moreover ... google earth can be helpful too7. how can I find someone who doesn't show up in white pages?call the college. They have to tell you (since you are his parent) I hope you find your son!8. can i solicit in the white pages?It would be like sending a flyer to every post office box in your town. Unless you know the people you are calling will be interested in what you are selling, it's going to be a huge waste of time and money. Agree with advice about "Do Not Call" list. Get the most up to date list you can, both federal and state, and make sure you do not call any of these people. Besides, what you are doing is starting a business. You are going to need licenses, tax numbers and whatever permits your local area requires for telemarketing. Do not forget to write up your business plan! It might cost you more to do this than you will get in return, so you would not be making money.9. How can I access residential white pages in another state?dial 1-your area code of the state/town you want the white pages for and 555-1212, and the operator will ask you for the name of the person you are looking for for instance if I wanted someone in seattle I would dial 1-206-555121210. Initials in white pages?it someone else with the initials G A B11. Why don't phone companies publish white pages anymore?I work for a major Telephone Company... and while we still print a limited amount of white pages, the culture and technology we live in uses resources found via the World Wide Web. Your also talking about the cost associated behind the material, printing and distribution. Those costs can be passed on to you, the consumer then, which is not a good thing! Hope this helps!12. Where can I find a web site that will give me FREE white pages,that does not want money to get numbers?Try these. They also have reverse listings. .
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