How Can an Uneven Marble Tile Floor Be Fixed?

i think you are out of luck there.he should of leveled the floor first with a scratch coat ( or a self leveling compound) letting it dry then another coat of adhesive to attach the tiles

1. going to lay down marble tile in bathroom what should i use?

most reliable route would be to ask where you bought the tile from, probably your local home improvement store

2. Is the temp. affecting curing time for a marble tile on a tub surround?

You may have a big problem. Put in the space heater with a target temperature of at least 70 degrees and leave it alone for at least 24 to 48 hours. If the tile still are movable at this point you may have to remove and start over with your tile job. With the adhesive being that cold and you moving some of the tiles the adhesive may not bond properly with the tiles that have moved. Also, look on the instructions for the temperature requirements for proper installation for some more guidelines. Remember that the temperatures are for the materials involved not just the air temperature

3. r/Tile - Best faux Carrara marble tile

Tile C-54: This subreddit contains almost every aspect of Ceramic and Mosaic Tile. This includes but is not limited: glazed wall, ceramic, mosaic, quarry, paver, faience, glass mosaic and stone tiles Please submit videos, pictures of beautiful and amazing works, and your own work for us to admire, or help you finish.

4. does marble tile need grouting?

Most definitely yes it does. If not, dirt gets in the joint even if its tightly butted together. There is a beveled edge that will trap dirt also. Hard to sweep out completely. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL

5. I have spilled some tomatoe juice on a marble tile and it has made the suface dull. What can I do?

Go with what "ihavetried...." says. If that does not work you will need to find a shop that sells Micro Mesh sandpaper. It comes in a kit and the grain goes down to 12,000. It will bring back the shine. They actually use this stuff to remove scratches from aircraft windshields. You should be able to find Micro Mesh online, or in a high end woodworking shop. Good Luck,

6. what the best way to install marble tile?

Use Adhesive

7. can i put marble tile on exterior wall of the home?

I think it's ok and beautiful, just do it

8. What are my rights as consumer can i file a lawsuit on a Marble and tile Company in Florida?

Yes, you have a reasonable cause of action. Talk to the store management first to see if it can be resolved without a suit

9. stained/black marble tile?

regular cleaner. If you are asking about the stain in the grouting, just scrape out a little grout and refill with new grout, unless you sealed the grout after you initially installed. If this is the case just regular cleaners will do

10. What color grout should we put with white marble tile?

gray would be really nice and in stead of getting regular grout...and then having to seal should check on exposy grout...its sealed as soon as you put it down. but one warning....use two pails of water and two different sponges to clean with it does get sticky while appling it, but looks great and stain resistant...and i think well worth the trouble

11. If I seal marble tile will it get stained?

seal he floor 3-5 times to get true sealer protection.the mre sealer you apply the deeper it penetrates into to stone

12. grout space when laying marble tile?

somewhere from 1 to 3 mm, the lesser space, the better

13. What kind of mortar and grout should be used for a marble tile kitchen counter top?

When we tiled out kitchen counters, we screwed cement backer board down over the laminate. It worked just fine. We were going to replace the sink and cook top so the extra thickness was not a problem

14. How can a marble tile be kept clean and stain-free?

Try Mineral Spirits (odor free) for stains, then use a light detergent mopping and rinse with clean water very quickly,even better have someone rinsing behind you. Double check any cleaner you use for acid

The Benefits of Marble Tile Floors
Over the past two decades the popularity of marble tile floors has been growing exponentially. There is just no mistaking the look that a marble tile floor can give to a home or office and the fact is that it is an excellent investment also. However; there are several types of marble tiles that are available to select from and each style style has its own unique characteristics. One other thing to consider also, is that floor tiles also include polished granite and many people fail to make this distinction. Polished granite tiles are darker in color then marble tiles and can range in tone from light gray to almost solid black. Polished granite counter tops have become very popular over the years to the point where they are almost a requirement in a first rate custom kitchen now. So it is important that you know the difference between all of the types of marble and granite floor tiles before you begin the design process of your home, so that everything will match up properly and you know what you are looking at when you are looking at floor tiles. The prices on all of the various marble and granite floor tiles can vary greatly but as a general rule you will be able to find the cheapest prices on marble floor tiles. This does not mean that all marble floor tiles are inexpensive, because they all aren't and in fact some specialty marble floor tiles can be quite expensive. It just means that you can always find some types of inexpensive marble floor tiles available on the market. Hardness is one of the factors that determines the price of marble and granite floor tiles and this is why you really won't find budget granite floor tiles priced as cheaply as marble. Granite is a very hard stone and is therefore expensive to cut and polish and the darker the granite the more expensive the tiles will be. This is because it is iron in the granite the gives it its black color, so the blacker the granite tiles are, the more iron it contains and hence the harder it is. Limestone is another quarried stone that floor tiles are manufactured from and it will be even cheaper than marble but it won't have the color and "style" variations that marble will have. Limestone tiles in fact are limited to white and slightly off white in color and limestone also is one of the softer stones that tiles are made from. The benefits of limestone floor tiles are cheaper cost and their white color that many people prefer. The choices in marble floor tiles with regards to color and "design styles" is far too broad to mention here. This is due to the fact that marble is quarried in numerous countries and regions that span the four corners of the globe and it comes in such a wide range of types, colors and styles. The term "style" refers to the unique "look" that all marble tiles will have the can range from "blotchy" to "swirly" and numerous other unique natural designs. If you are considering having marble, granite or limestone tiles installed in your home or office the floor must be able to support the weight of them. This means that they have to be installed on a cement "slab" floor or a "raised frame" floor that was joisted and sheeted to support the weight of the tiles. The reason that marble floors are so heavy on a raised wood frame floor is that the tiles can't be installed directly onto a wooden floor. Rather, a two inch layer of cement must first be poured over the wood frame floor, which the tiles are subsequently installed on. The cement layer can be lightened by using perlite in place of standard gravel but it still will require that the floor and underpinning be specially framed to support the weight. Bathrooms and kitchens are places where marble, granite or limestone floor tiles can make all the difference in the world and you will get the best return on your home improvement investment. So if your homes sub-framing and underpinning is insufficient to support a complete tile floor, one sensible option is to have the extra support framing retrofitted under the smaller floors of your bathroom and kitchen. This can be a a relatively simple task if those areas under your home are accessible. Installing marble floor tiles is a task which homeowners can do themselves if they have the right equipment and one of the many books on the topic handy when they do it.
Why You Can Say a Yes for Installing in the ...
Adding marble tiles for the bathroom is always good news. The fact is that marble tiles come with a number of plus sides for a bathroom. They are relatively the common choice for bathroom flooring. They again are used in a wide variety to tile up the entire bathroom space. Being elegant, marble tiles are options that people prefer to keep a special touch at their bathroom. Moreover, the tiles work great for adding an exquisite look to the bathroom space. But, is it everything about a marble bathroom tile or is there more to it? Well, thats why this article has been written. For your information, marble tiles offer a person a number of amenities that he or she finds both effective and relevant for a bathroom.Without more ado, it is time to know more on why marble tiles are going to be the right thing for a bathroom.First Things First: They Look GreatMarble tiles are elegant, and no one is going to deny that. First of all, it has a great finish to it. Coming with this smoothest finish, marble tiles are ornamented by a rich diversity of eye-catching designs. This helps them bring the right kind of aesthetics for a bathroom. It again comes in a range of surprising colours apart from its most signatory shade: white. Its opulent surface makes a pleasing effect. What's more? The engaging quality from the looks of marble tiles doesn't fade away. Literally, they are permanent. Its Way DurableMarble tiles are one of the hardest tile options. It is also the most durable thing as it doesnt easily crack or decay with time. Moreover, marble never loses its shine even after being polished repeatedly. The marble bathroom tiles in Dandenong also retain their colour for a really long time. One gets that new look from them after using them for years.It Helps the Bathroom Get More Light Marble tiles are great for reflecting the light and make a bathroom space lit up to a unique degree. With timely polishing that retains the shine of these tiles, one gets a bright bathroom. This reflection happens for the translucent quality found in the surface of the marble bathroom tiles.An Environment-Friendly Choice for the Bathroom Well, a bathroom mustnt contain any polluting object or any other thing that is subject to contamination. Quality marble tiles in Springvale are natural and bio-degradable. Hence, it would not contaminate the bathroom space, which again means zero threats. Conclusion If you are worried about getting good quality marble tiles for your bathroom, then look for a reputed supplier. Search online and have patience in doing so. When the brand is found, kindly make your purchase after going through all of the marble tile products. Before doing all of this, you may again need to find out what kind of marble tiles does your bathroom need. To find that out, you may need to check your bathrooms spaciousness, its setting, whether or not you need to tile the floor only or the entire bathroom and a lot of other factors.
Toronto Trump Towers Design Is Controlled but Sexy
Its the middle of the warmest winter on record for Toronto, but Ive picked the one blustery winter day to tour the newly opened Trump Tower Hotel & Residences . Head turned into collar away from the lashing wind, I almost miss the entrance. In actual fact, though, its not hard to miss, so discreetly is it tucked just in from the corner on Adelaide St. W. Although grand, the hotel is also so restrained you dont at first notice that the lobbys marble tiles extend outdoors to pave the driveway as well. This is not what I expected, coming of age in a time when luxury hotels trumpeted their arrival in gaudy ways, and when the name Trump conjured up images of brash gold jewellery and flesh kissed by tanning salons. The notion of Trump doesnt seem to jive with our notion of Toronto, which some people describe as New York run by the Swiss. But then again, this city has been reinventing itself the last few years as fast as a man in mid-life crisis, and what we once took for granted reliability to the point of stodginess may actually be morphing into chic and derring-do. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Its apparent the moment I step into the seriously luxurious but understated lobby. And its what happens when The Donald meets Toronto the Good: controlled sexiness. The first clue is the lobbys size grand but never dwarfing and the 3,000-pound Czech crystal sculpture scaling the reception desk wall that designer Dan Menchions tells me required heavy-duty horizontal brackets just to support the weight. The sculpture is a giant shimmery cherry blossom branch, the same motif that runs throughout the hotel, showing up in the laser-cut steel ceiling relief above the elevator bay, and in digitally enhanced photo art gracing the hotel suites. It also shows up as an accessory to the palette reddish hues fluctuating from throaty pink, through soft lavender into aubergine, maroon and deep reddish brown set off the underlying cream, grey and black. In fact, Menchions could be the palettes poster child, in cream shirt, skinny black jeans and modish black coat whose collar is lined in maroon silk. He explains his choice of palette for the hotel, not his outfit as champagne and caviar, light and dark, and though the really good stuff comes from endangered wild sturgeon, I take his point. The only departure seems to be the gold metallic leather chairs in the bar, though they do echo the flecks of gold in the granite bar counter and the bronze enamel of the elevator doors. Menchions and his II by IV design team, who have coddled this project for the past five years, have designed virtually everything from the laser-cut cherry blossom ceiling in the elevator bay, to the lobbys walls in white onyx slabs and granite window moldings, right down to the sheets, pillowcases and bathrobes. We tour from place to elegant place, winding through the bar, the restaurant, and then up stairs with railings of the same laser-cut steel. On into the grand ballroom, lit by wall sconces with maroon lampshades and dangling black crystals, and where gliding across cool tiles gives way to the plush wool of carpet. The ballroom has that rarefied air of a London gentlemens club, a stately Chicago hotel, or an Eastern European castle. I forget the Trump has only been open three weeks. How Menchions has pulled this aging feat off is by combining significantly opulent elements geometric marble tiles, granite walls, Macassar ebony facing with the whimsical and unexpected. There are lavender crystal chandeliers in the spa; handmade French lace is sandwiched between two pieces of tempered glass in the screen above the restaurant; the black leather Queen Anne restaurant chairs have patent leather backs; and a massive plasterwork relief takes up one whole wall of the restaurant, each stigma of the swirling floral pattern embedded with a huge crystal bead. Theres also a persistent juxtaposition of hard and soft materials. Take the small corridor to the restaurants washrooms, for example: soft pale walnut floors in an French herringbone pattern under a modern chandelier that spills hundreds of crystal droplets of light. Consider for a moment that so much effort was expended in such a tucked away corner of the hotel. That kind of attention to detail is everywhere. The restaurants mezzanine level looks out over Bay St., where there is a row of tall buildings mirrored in the wine fridge glass, lining up perfectly with the rows of wine. Bronze enamel elevator doors are a subtle reminder of past luxuries important hotels had hand-cranked traction elevators and the staff to operate them. The hotel suites are all calm comfort with a repeating cherry blossom reference above the beds and Japanese detailing on the bathroom vanities. The hotel suites, rising in price the higher the floor they are, are either in the Trump Business level or the Club Business Level, culminating in the presidential suite, which is 4,200 square feet and $20,000 a night. Yes, Menchions says, people really do have that much spending money. The suites can be closed off or opened depending on how many are travelling, so a family with two kids (or one plus a nanny) can have two spacious rooms (550 square feet each as opposed to the more typical 350) and ensuite baths for each. A corner suite, Menchions says, can take three bedrooms that open up to each other, and some come with a living room, or even a kitchen. If someone wants to rent the whole floor they can, but it would cost hundreds of thousands. But it comes with perks the spa will come to you in any room on this floor. Although this hotel and condo residence is the height of grandeur in the early 21st century, never once do I feel intimidated, awkward, or out of place, the way I usually do in such spots. Maybe its because my tour guide is the brains behind the design; maybe its because I just dont notice such things anymore. Or maybe its just because the place is not only seriously luxurious, but seriously comfortable, too. Alex Newman writes a weekly column for on design and decor. You can contact her through her website .
The Different Kinds of Marble Tile Flooring
Marble tiles have been used extensively in places that were not only noted for affluence, but also in places that needed an effective tile flooring that helps maintain the rooms elegance and functio. Marble tiles have been used extensively in places that were not only noted for affluence, but also in places that needed an effective tile flooring that helps maintain the rooms elegance and functionality at the same time. Marble tiles are able to denote tasteful and regal beauty without sacrificing its practical uses in the architectural structure. r Marble tiles for flooring are very appealing to people since no two marble tiles are ever alike. Each marble tiles vein-like virulet designs are unique and different, especially since these patterns are sometimes applied using varying colors and size. This is why marble tiles are used in a variety of ways in the dcor and functionality of the house. r The different kinds of marble tile flooring actually helps in determining where such a tile will be placed, and for what purpose it is going to be used. The quality of the tiles, including its natural beauty helps create an array of different kinds of marble tiles, with different colors, patterns and textures. r One type of marble tiles are either glazed or unglazed. Marble tiles that are glazed helps improve the marble tiles ability to resist water stains since the surface of the tile is very hard and smooth. This enables the tile to become easier to clean and maintain. There is no need for waxing the surface since the surface has a hard surface finish, which means that it is able to keep its natural shine without the added help. Glazed marble tiles also comes in a variety of colors, all of which can be given either a high gloss, satin, matte or dull finish, and may be smooth or textured, depending on your preferences. r Marble tiles which are unglazed are more scratch resistant, which helps it maintain its natural and clean appearance. Nobody would like to have scratch marks on their floors, especially those which are difficult to remove. Unglazed marble tiles, however, are more prone to stains since it does not have the hard surface finish that glazed marble tiles possess. This is why this type of marble tile needs constant care, which is why you may need to apply a sealer or wax on its surface to help protect it. r Tile sizes also offer different kinds of marble tiles, such as the 12 by 12-inch paver, which is normally used for large scale areas, up to the tiny mosaic marble tiles which are used to make grids of tiles. These types of marble tiles are usually sold pre-arranged on a webbed backing. r Whatever the kind of marble tiles, it should have a nonskid , stainproof surface. Keep in mind that marble tiles for flooring should be functional as it is decorative. It would be wrong to place a marble flooring tile that offers little to no slip-support by being non-slip. It would defeat the purpose of having a functional floor marble tile if it is slippery. This probably is the most important factor that would determine if a marble tile can be used for flooring. r Vanessa Arellano Doctorr
Natural and Composite Marble Tiles -
When one thinks of marble, one tends to visualise majesticrstructures such as the Taj Mahal or the statues of Ancient Greece or Rome hewnrfrom the creamy white rock. Marble has been used for millenn. When one thinks of marble, one tends to visualise majesticrstructures such as the Taj Mahal or the statues of Ancient Greece or Rome hewnrfrom the creamy white rock. Marble has been used for millennia by stone masonsras it's easy to work with and can be polished beautifully, giving many of therancient statues an almost lifelike glow. Although very often white or nearrwhite, it comes in a variety of colours and hues ranging from green to yellow,rpurple to pink and red to brown. These colour variations coupled with therinterlocking crystalline swirls of this material make it a highly desirablerstone and its use for wall and floor tiles has been common for centuries. These days, marble tiles are commonly made from composite;rbeing marble dust bound with resin and one of the most popular is 'darkremperador marble tiles'. Although natural marble tiles are readily available,rthey are usually more expensive. I must point out though to us laymen, you'drstruggle to tell the difference as natural marble, being a metamorphic rock isralready a naturally occurring 'composite' of older stones. For example,rcappuccino tiles are cut from natural marble and are also manufactured asrcomposite tiles, yet visually, the two are virtually identical. Composite marble, or artificial marble is also commonly usedrfor marble bathtubs, shower trays and other bathroom fixtures where naturalrmarble would be prohibitively expensive. In the case of a marble bathtub, forrexample, the weight of water once filled may easily cause weaknesses within thernatural stone to give way, resulting in a hugely expensive pile of brokenrmarble. In such cases, composite marble is used as its load bearing qualitiesrin complex structures such as a bathtub, shower tray or wash basin are farrsuperior to natural marble, yet it retains the same aesthetic qualities as itsrnatural cousin. Dark emperador marble tiles are sourced from both China andrSpain. Its deep brown hue contrasts beautifully with the pale crystalline veinsrwhich criss cross its surface. Being one of the darker marble tiles makes itrideal for large bathrooms and kitchens where white marble would give therillusion of too much space. If dark tiles are not to your taste, then considerrsomething in the mid range such as cappuccino marble tiles (also known asrbeige!). These feature the same crystalline veins yet set against a middlingrtone makes them easier on the eye than the stark white or darker tiles.rWhatever colour you choose , having your walls and floors clad in marble gives arwarmth and timeless elegance which is hard to match.
Renovation Transformation: Manotick Estates Reno Goes Off ...
Like winning the lottery, a nearly seamless renovation is hard to come by.Extended timelines, budget complications and homeowner horrors like mould in the ceiling or structural issues have long been the reality of renovating. So when asked, renovator Philip Coe said that the unique aspect of a large-scale renovation he completed in Manotick was that it went well really well.It just went off without a hitch, said Coe, who owns residential renovation firm Revision Built. During renovations you discover things as you are demolishing, you see things you didnt know existed and how thats managed is important.Successful renovations happen because of experience.He credits proper planning and reliable team members for their success in transforming an almost 4,000 square foot home from an old-fashioned and partitioned space into a modern and functional living environment.They did this in just two months.Of course, a seamless renovation isnt to say it was perfect. There were just no real issues at least not anything Coe couldnt solve. He worked in the trades for 20 years prior to owning his own company and built and maintained many relationships during that time and after.Coe explained that if necessary, he had friends willing to drop everything to help. Its because of that he was able to solve any problem that popped up ensuring the project would stay on time and on budget.Prior to renovation, the large home looked like a relic of the past. Its textured ceiling, floors with salmon-coloured marble tiles with black accents, and dark brown walls spoke of the design sensibilities of the early 1990s.When Sadilova and her partner Sadiq Hasnain bought the house they knew right away it needed a complete makeover.The retired couple met Coe at a home show in Ottawa and told him about their tight deadline. They wanted to move in by Christmas.Neither of us believed it could be done, said Sadilova when the project began that October. I never trust anybody. Im a very skeptical person but what he did was beyond our expectations.The scope of work was large. One of the biggest concerns was demolishing supporting walls on the main floor, which required the expertise of a structural engineer and permit approval.Coe made quick use of his contacts and received approval quickly.Additionally, the large staircase in the foyer had to be replaced and tile and carpet had to be swapped for hardwood, among other aspects.Hasnain was skeptical too. He experienced bad renovations in the past and knew all too well that things could go south, fast. You never know what you are going to come across but the way (Coe) managed the project and the way his workers did the work and the quality we saw was reassuring.In addition to Coes employees, he worked with a lot of local and family-run businesses much like his own to complete the project.I find people you can rely on, he said. When you have the right network and you plan properly, you eliminate many potential problems.Much like his partner, Hasnains doubts subsided and like Coe promised, the couple moved in to their newly renovated home just before Christmas Day last year.
Take a Look Around Dechellis Homes Stunning Manhattan Display
Dechellis Homes Manhattan design.Source:SuppliedDark ceilings. At first sight, they are either something you love or are shocked by.I love them, especially in the right environment such as a home theatre, or even in an entrance hall they can add just the right amount of drama when pared with a glowing chandelier.Manhattan by Dechellis.Source:News Corp AustraliaYoull find dark ceilings such as this at Dechellis Homes Manhattan display at Bluestone estate, Mt Barker, but thats not all youll find in this dramatic single-storey home.This four-bedroom home is all about statement sophistication, with plenty of dark walls, hardwood timber floors and contrasting tones in this monochrome designer home.Manhattan by Dechellis.Source:News Corp AustraliaIts also a large home with 338.02sqm of total size, and designed to suit a wider block. Inside, all that space is evident right from the start of the tall, wide hallway and its fabulous oversized door (which is solid, and needs a good push to open).Theres a designated childrens wing with three of the four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms (one being a powder room), and three separate large living zones to choose from. Then theres the master suite, and this is most definitely one of the Manhattans highlights.Manhattan by Dechellis.Source:News Corp AustraliaRetreat is an understatement, for sure. The suite take up much of the right-hand side of the home, and the bedroom area is as generous as they come. Its very hotel-inspired too, with a private outdoor courtyard which has been spruced up with lush greenery and beautiful timberwork.But as you walk through to the lavish ensuite you realise the actual highlight is the open walk-through wardrobe with its high-end joinery and the beauty zone complete with mirrored wall and a cute plush stool to sit on.MORE NEWS: Bruce McAvaney sounds siren on Melbourne baseRetro home makes Adelaides top saleSA suburbs being watched by interstate buyersHeres youll find calcutta marble tiles, a freestanding bath and a bespoke vanity that has lowered section so you can do your makeup and hair while comfortably sitting down. A huge window looks out to the private courtyard and a drop down pendant in front of it looks stunning.Manhattan by Dechellis.Source:News Corp AustraliaAs the Manhattan is a family home we wanted to introduce some luxurious features for the adults and with the openness in this area we believe we have achieved that, Dechellis Homes Melissa Treppiedi says.The vanity was extended by adding a lower section which can be used as a beauty station. Its functional and looks great.Minimal, adorable and mortgage free thats what youll get if you move into one of these tiny homes.If you can drag yourself away from this leisurely zone, and want to see what the kids will get then head back down the hall, which is effectively at the opposite end of the design.The three bedrooms come off the private retreat lounge, which will be the key kids hub of the home, for homework, hanging out or gaming. The design has high 2.7m ceilings and in these bedrooms the height is accentuated by the tall windows and sheer curtains and dramatic black walls in two of the rooms.Manhattan by Dechellis.Source:News Corp AustraliaA three-way bathroom is positioned in this zone and there is also very valuable walk-in store room, which is bound to be highly regarded by parents.This home is great for bringing family and friends together but also provides private spaces for adults and children/teenagers, Melissa says.We believe that most families building a new home always consider having additional living areas such as a Retreat off of the bedrooms. This room is great for children/teenagers as they can have their own space to play, watch a movie or even study.Manhattan by Dechellis.Source:News Corp AustraliaIf you want to see another indulgent feature, then head to the kitchen. The island bench is one of those jaw-dropping features that you have to touch, and the big slab of Caesarstone Attica is the perfect choice to tie the homes sophisticated statement together.The mix of high pop-up cupboards and a shelf, with a wall of minimalist matt black cupboards, plus integrated ovens, is a standout. But so is the servery window opening to the alfresco, and the walk-in butlers pantry just around the corner, that leads on to the laundry and another store room.This home is definitely for families who love to entertain the servery window is great when entertaining in the alfresco and brings a new and unique design element to the home, Melissa says.And the kitchen/WIP/laundry configuration is great for busy families as it makes it a lot easier to multi-task which makes this space practical.Also having the laundry out of sight from the main living area means no one will see the loads of washing to still be done.H Manhattan by Dechellis.Source:News Corp AustraliaAdjacent the undercover alfresco, which is a standard inclusion, is the polished family lounge shown with a wall-mounted TV and fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows to capture the outdoor views. Beyond it is another living space, the private home theatre with its black ceiling and dark walls.Manhattan by Dechellis.Source:News Corp AustraliaThis home is the ultimate family entertainer, so if this is what buyers are looking for then this design is for them, Melissa says.It also features multiple entertaining areas such as the home theatre and alfresco.Other key features of this home are the grand entry, additional living areas with the separate retreat, guest powder room and the kitchen/WIP/ laundry configuration.Home & life mag. Manhattan by Dechellis on Display Bluestone, East Pkwy, Mount Barker SA 5251, Australia, Mount Barker SA Photo; Nick Clayton.Source:News Corp AustraliaFor me, I really like how Dechellis have created zones almost like apartments within this large home, so that it doesnt feel cavernous, but oozes warmth and comfort in all areas.While my family is a small one and perhaps doesnt require such a big home, its easy to imagine how a large family would well and truly love this home.Originally published asNew build inspiration from Dechellis
What to Expect When Nikki Haley Goes to the United Nations
Many diplomats and foreign policy wonks agree that aside from her welcomed executive management experience, Nikki Haley is an outside-the-box pick for ambassador to the United Nations.Asked specifically about what diplomatic experience Gov. Haley brings to the job, a spokesman for the Trump transition team said this morning that she's been on "a number of overseas trade and business recruitment missions," but beyond that was unable to offer anything more specific other than the "natural chemistry" she shared with President-elect Donald Trump when they spoke about their vision of how the United States should be represented on the world stage.So, what might that shared vision look like?Trump has shown the ability to turn his views on a dime, but here is what he and Haley have said in the past about some of the issues she'll need to confront at the United Nations post in New York.Trump is considered to be an isolationist, a president who wants to pull back from the world stage. He has questioned the legitimacy of the Iran nuclear deal, the world climate agreement, accepting conflict-displaced refugees, and the need for U.S. intervention in Syria.In a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in March, Trump was highly critical of the U.N., saying the organization was "not a friend of democracy" and "not a friend of freedom."But during a 2005 Senate hearing about the planned renovations of the U.N. headquarters in Manhattan, Trump said he was "a big fan" of the U.N. and that "the concept of the United Nations . is very important to me and very important to the world, as far as I'm concerned."Trump tweeted in October 2012 that the recognizable green marble tiles behind the U.N. headquarters podium were cheap and always bothered him.I will replace with beautiful large marble slabs if they ask me, he tweeted.In November 2015, Gov. Haley was among a chorus of governors who called on Secretary of State John Kerry not to resettle Syrian refugees in their states due to security concerns."As Governor, it is my first and primary duty to ensure the safety of the citizens of South Carolina. We are a state that has proudly welcomed refugees from around the world as part of the United States Refugee Resettlement Program," Haley said. "While I agree that the United States should try to assist individuals in such dire situations, it is precisely because of the situation in Syria that makes their admission into the United States a potential threat to our national security.""For that reason, I ask that you honor my request and not resettle any Syrian refugees in South Carolina," she concluded.According to the State Departments Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, South Carolina accepted 19 refugees this past month. Of those, two were from Honduras, one from Iraq, eleven from Syria, and five from Ukraine.In that same time frame, only five states (and the District of Columbia) accepted fewer individual refugees than South Carolina: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana and West Virginia. In all of October, the U.S. accepted 9,945 individual refugees, meaning South Carolina accepted less than 1 percent of them.In September 2015, Gov. Haley joined 14 other governors in sending a letter to President Obama opposing his Iran nuclear agreement. The group felt that because Iran was a sponsor of terrorism, it should be prevented from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon.The lifting of federal sanctions that will result from this agreement will only result in Iran having more money available to fund terrorist groups and attacks, the letter said. The people of our states will not be safer as a result of this agreement, much less citizens of countries like Israel which Iran has threatened to destroy.If Trump were to try to undo the Iran deal, which he has suggested he would, Haley would be faced with selling that plan to the five world powers who were signatories to the agreement.In light of the emphasis on human rights at the U.N., it's worth noting that Haley established the Domestic Violence Task Force under executive order to address the cultural issues surrounding domestic violence in the State of South Carolina, including social, economic and geographic issues, as well as professional standards and best practices within government and non-government organizations.U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released a statement after the election, saying he hopes the Trump administration will strengthen the bonds of international cooperation as we strive together to uphold shared ideals, combat climate change, advance human rights, promote mutual understanding and implement the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve lives of peace, prosperity and dignity for all.The two have also spoken since the election.But back in May, Ban Ki-moon said he was outraged by racism and hatred, especially when voiced by politicians and would-be leaders, although he did not single out Trump.The United Nations high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Raad al-Hussein, had harsh words for Trump in October.If Donald Trump is elected, on the basis of what he has said already, and unless that changes, I think its without any doubt that he would be dangerous from an international point of view," al-Hussein said.When you fan resentment and seek as a political leader to pin blame on a specific community for deeper problems, real problems, this is highly regrettable, he added. There are very real fears that are being stoked and exploited, and this is the point that I was trying to make.However, the U.N.'s newly elected secretary-general, Portugal's former Prime Minister Antonio Guterres, will take over for Ban Ki-moon in January. For the past 10 years, Guterres has served as the high-commissioner for refugees at the U.N., a major leadership role that, coupled with the current global refugee crisis, likely played a critical role in his selection.
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