How Many Square Feet of Solar Panel Would It Take to Run a 5 Ton Air Conditioner and How Much Would

it would have to be bigger than a house,and cost about as much

1. How long does a 100watt solar panel take to charge a 100ah battery?

100ah Battery

2. Solar Powered Attic Fan, Curb Base w/tilt 30W Solar Panel, Thermostat

Solar powered attic ventilator fan. Curb base with tilt solar panel, panel tilts from 0 to 60, 30 watt, with fixed thermostat, for attic areas up to 2000 Sq. Ft. Price/kit. Manufactured in the USA by SunRise Solar. The Curb Mount Solar Powered Attic Fan is the most powerful fan available. It vents up to 2000 Sq. Ft. It is constructed of heavy duty components that include a 30 Watt photovoltaic module, 12 inch diameter, 5-blade aluminum with balanced hub and stainless steel motor brackets, fasteners and bug screen. Fixed thermostat turns fan on at 80 and off at 65 during daylight hours. Curb Base: For easy installation on low slope or flat roofs 30 Watt: For attic areas up to 2000 sq. ft. Installs in less than one hours Reduces moisture build-up and prolongs the life of your roof Airflow: The more intense the sun shines, the faster the sunrise runs. Manufacturer provides 5 years on motor and a 10 years on all other parts.

3. Is there a way to charge a solar panel without the sun? I know there has got to be a way!!!?

Sure... you take a bunch of 10kW stage lights and illuminate the panel. Easy... and totally useless. But you did not ask for a useful way, did you?

4. how viable is it to install solar panel in domestic use-considering regular power cuts in india?]?

very viable if enough pople used them costs would go down they can be constructed from waste material i know several places that use them for lights and radio and computor equipment ,one has to change the systems to 12 volt ,but that is no big deal but other equipment such as washing machines need a lot of panels to run on and a lot of batteries and these are stil expensive the alternative energy market is not into gear yet . probably because they have not yet figured out how to charge for the wind ,Sun and water ,and there is still petrol to be sold

5. What setting do I put my multimeter on to be able to see if my solar panel is producing any power?

properly wager what kiddies. did you already know that Einstein devised a plan for image voltaic potential that would generate adequate potential for all the globe from one source in area. i replaced right into a satellite tv for pc in area with an adjustable prism to attempt radio beams that have been switched over from image voltaic rays,to converter potential stations international extensive. Why ar not we doing examine in this source? which will get rid of taking over one thousand's of miles of land mass,and the astronomical value ticket. decrease the value for man or woman homestead converters for returned up in case of potential mess ups. this device could desire to be switched over to automobiles,for electric powered potential. greater potential in than the moter makes use of potential perpetual potential. that's a concept.

6. Could a big solar panel with a mass of a planet be added to the orbit of the sun collecting constant light?

Your idea is not new. Read below

7. I have a 60w solar panel and a 12v large deep cycle battery, how do I get it to charge faster?

Hey Savage, Jeff is right on the angle, but I imagine if you've built the panel yourself, you are tuned into that. I am guessing that your panel does not have the amperage to push that deep cycle battery up very fast. Lead acid batteries go through a charging voltage curve, the volts curve up quickly at first, and around 12.6 level off until you are above 90% state of charge, then you see much higher voltage as the battery begins actively gassing at the top end of its charge cycle. Starting at 11.65 volts, if you battery is 50 or 60 amp hour, and your panel is putting out 1 amp, you will need about 12 sunny days to get to full charge. Have you checked your short circuit current on the panel? Take an ammeter, unhook the panel from the battery, set it in the sun and put the ammeter across the output wires. If your completed panel is 2 square feet, you might see 1.5 amps. You can get your panel wattage by multiplying the open circuit voltage by the short circuit amperage. 18 volts, and 1 amp would give you a 18 watt panel. That panel will take a couple weeks of sun to bring that battery up to full again, and then you will see voltages above 13.5 while it is charging. There is not any magic elixer that will improve the efficiency of your solar cells. Silicone cells are around 10 - 13 % efficient, that's all the chemistry will convert. Some people have tried using mirrors to focus energy on them, but they just overheat and get damaged that way. You can not change the physics. There is a great book at the library by Richard Perez called, "The Complete Battery Book." I read just the chapters about lead acid batteries and skipped over the litiums, nicads and so forth. Richard also happens to be the editor of Home Power Magazine, a great periodical on solar, wind, hydro and other home made energy sources. Using his information and going to a couple energy fairs years ago got us where we are now. Our home is completely powered by the wind and sun, has been for almost 10 years. It's been interesting and fun, and we made plenty of mistakes, but we made it here anyway. There are also some great non profit groups with websites you can learn from, I will list some names below. Good luck Savage, and take care, Rudydoo

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