What about FOB of mixed quartz ?

Compared to CIF, FOB is a much more secure and competitive Incoterms. Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. supports and recommends this kind of transaction form. The costs associated with FOB include transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, loading the goods onto the shipping vessel, marine freight transport, insurance, and unloading and transporting the goods from the arrival port to the final destination. It means you'll need to make your own arrangements to have your shipment unloaded at the port, cleared through customs, and then moved to your destination. During the process, you can have better control of the freight and the freight cost because you can use your own freight forwarders who may provide you with the best interest.

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AOFEI insists on manufacturing and selling grain quartzite that meet the national emission regulations. AOFEI's yellow-gold quartz countertop series are created based on unremitting efforts. The adoption of red quartz kitchen worktops structure for red quartz tiles ensures the red quartz kitchen worktops. quartz supplier from AOFEI is exported to foreign countries and has considerable influence.

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Through continuous innovation, our company aims to take the lead in the field of brown quartz. Welcome to visit our factory!

If You Really Think About It, Aren't Public Bathrooms Really Gross?
If you really think about it, aren't public bathrooms really gross?Ha Ha thanks for the chuckle. Your so right.— — — — — —Public bathrooms are risky during the pandemic. These safety tips can help.If using public bathrooms did not already give you the skeevies pre-pandemic, the thought of doing your business away from home is probably bugging you out even more right now. In the era of coronavirus, bathrooms - especially communal ones - are the perfect storm of shared spaces, poor ventilation, and floating aerosols that can make us sick. We understand, however, there will be times when you will be away from home and just wo not be able to hold it. » READ MORE: Here's what six feet looks like: Our handy, easy-to-picture guide Here are the answers to some of your most pressing bathroom questions: The short answer is they are risky. Here's why: Bathrooms tend to be poorly ventilated, explains Charles Haas, a professor of environmental engineering at Drexel University, whose expertise is how infectious organisms behave in different spaces. Poorly ventilated spaces put us at higher risk for contracting COVID-19 because when a virus attaches itself to a droplet in a small space, it will be more concentrated. A well-ventilated room will potentially disperse any virus quicker. And that can be the difference between getting infected and not getting infected if an asymptomatic person happens to have exited the bathroom before you entered. People often congregate in bathrooms. That means more people talking to each other, or on their phones. "When we are talking, we are releasing aerosols that could potentially have virus," Haas says. "And if you are asymptomatic, you can infect people around or anyone who may perhaps walk into the space after you." » READ MORE: How to shop safely now that stores are open And we just do not breath out these aerosols. "We know coronavirus does not just live in our respiratory tracts; it can be found in the stool," says Dr. Jen Caudle, a family physician and associate professor at Rowan University. "And depending on the strength of the flush it can be aerosolized and dispersed through the air." So, Caudle says: If there's a lid, close it before you flush. Proper hygiene is key for coronavirus prevention in restrooms, Caudle says. According to research published this month in the journal Physics of Fluids, a toilet flush releases aerosol droplets into the air that can rise as high as three feet. These droplets, the report said, can linger in the air long enough to be inhaled by someone just outside the stall washing their hands or in the next stall over. The droplets can also land on bathroom surfaces: sinks, doorknobs, and paper towel dispensers. The smaller the bathroom, the more area these droplets can cover. » READ MORE: This is what 6 feet apart looks like— — — — — —Do you use public Bathrooms?A potty is a potty...even if its a hole in the ground— — — — — —do most male public bathrooms have urinals?Just about every public restroom has one except for small private restaurants with only a toilet because of limited patrons— — — — — —Do men get embarassed going poo in public bathrooms?I do not think it bothers most guys to go poo in public restrooms— — — — — —Are there usually private stalls in public bathrooms for men?There are stalls for the toilet but not the urinals. Sometimes there are dividers between urinals though— — — — — —Do you HATE public bathrooms?Do u remember that Congressman that was trying to pickup a dude in an airport bathroom?— — — — — —My 2 year old daughter is scared of public bathrooms!?Buy some pullups and and do not turn it into a battle. A lot of kids are not ready to be completely potty trained until they are three so you are ahead of the game. Try to convince her a little at a time just to take a tour of public toilets, she does not have to use it, just look at it like a big kid would, and you will be with the whole time. Gotta make her feel okay with it. When she realizes they are not all the same maybe she will lose her fear, your forcing the issue is not going to calm her down
The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Swimming Pool Accessories
No swimming pool accessory list is complete without pool noodles, and that's because they are so versatile. A single noodle works as a simple and fun flotation aid for kids while a few noodles combined together makes the ideal adult float. Then, there's the ability to transform the soft foam into a joust or water cannon for an epic pool battle.why wont my cannon printer work on my dell computer?go to the canon website to download the latest driverWhy didn't the Roman maniple make a comeback in the Renaissance?Although the two formations look similar, the pike square was developed in a very different tactical environment than the phalanx.The phalanx and the maniple were developed in an environment where the primary weapons were swords, spears, and occasionally slings. Cavalry was rare, and was typically light cavalry used as skirmishers or to protect an army's flanks. Infantry was the supreme fighting force, and the maniple and phalanx were both developed as a counter to infantry.The phalanx and the maniple were both employed offensively: to push against the enemy's formation and break it.The Renaissance, on the other hand, was the tail end of a period when heavy cavalry was the dominant force. Ranged weapons such as bows, cannon, and early handheld firearms were common, and infantry were considered a "yes, we've also got some of them" force by many commanders.Tactically, the job of a pike square is to provide a defensive formation: to keep enemy cavalry away from your artillery and to keep enemy cavalry and infantry away from your arquebusiers (see: pike and shot). The job of breaking the enemy formation was given to the other elements of the army.What federal obstacles do I need to navigate to legally own a functioning cannon in the U.S.?Under the 1934 National Firearms Act (NFA), and the Gun Control Act, a large bore cannon is considered a "destructive device" and must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) prior to possession. At last check, there was a $200 tax stamp as well. Additional approval and tax stamps are required for each cannon shell. Flares, inert shells, and smoke shells are not subject to a tax stamp or registration.Muzzle-loading cannons, not capable of firing fixed ammunition, manufactured in or prior to 1898 and replicas of such models are considered antiques and are not subject to the NFA or GCA.You should probably check with your individual State as well, since many may actually prohibit an individual citizen from owning and using a functioning cannon. Some States restrict such things to groups that do re-enactments or celebratory events.What federal obstacles do I need to navigate to legally own a functioning cannon in the U.S.?who is richer Nick Cannon Or Mariah carey and can you tell me how theyre so rich??? please?Mariah Carey OBVIOUSLY! nick cannon is barely famous...some of my friends dont even know him -__- this is why some ppl think nick married herWith trace evidence of past explosions could the Great Pyramid of Giza be a potato Cannon?I KNEW it!^They would have gotten away with it too, if it were not for those blasted Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Ottomans etc.^The barrel of the doomsday weapon. Probably. Definitely. Maybe.I needed to know if such a thing was truly possible, as I suspected it was. I figured that my ancestors - the Irish aka "Masters of the Potato" - had to have migrated to Ancient Egypt, so I did the most thorough research I knew how to do:^"You are an idiot. " -GoogleMy valiant attempts having been thwarted by the powers that be, I checked into the only other resource I knew of:^"We are just happy someone used our service. You are still an idiot, though." -MicrosoftWell...crap. I am outta ideas. Wait...maybe if I went to Egypt itself an-hold up. Someone's knocking on the door. I did not order a pizza by mistake again...did I? One second..."Hello, modern peasants. Nothing to see here, just me, Travis, the normal American man. Ignore the screams in the background. They are nothing."NOTHING AT ALL."Do you think that Hillary calling Trump a "loose cannon" during the campaign a) now appears to be true, b) was never true, or c) was always true?Of course it was true. Even his supporters would probably agree it was true, though they would likely use different language to describe it - "speaks his mind", "does not talk like a politician", "does not worry about political correctness"... something like that
What Architectural Roofing Feature Is This?
The building feature that you have indicated in your picture is designed in this case to provide an overhang over the front sidewalk. In this case the overhang provides cover during rainy conditions for persons coming to and leaving the business. Similar style overhangs such as this are also used for:Often overhangs like this are built out from the face of the building and not tied into the original flat roof structure of the building. In these cases it is a lot easier to re-roof the original structure of the building and then separately address the roofing of the overhang unit and any flashing that deals with diverting water from the overhang onto the original roof. In cases where an overhang like this is built up quite a bit higher than the original roof then it may be tied into framing that attaches into the original roof and cantilevers over the edge. This can make for a much more complex job in re-roofing the building. As far as removal it will depend on a number of factors some of which include:First off, let me say that this question will stray from the residential side of home improvement, but I'm wondering if there's anyone who may be familiar with the following architectural feature at the storefront-side of this commercial building's roof?I'm considering re-roofing the building but am curious about the function and even the name of this big stucco-block thing just hanging off the front of the roof. Can it be easily removed or is it part of the architecture?
Why You
The soft hued marble tiles when used as kitchen backsplash provide a characteristic personality to the kitchen. It makes it look larger and brighter and that is the special effect of using marble kitchen backsplash. Kitchens are perhaps one of the most used spaces in any house. The exposure to heat, water, grease, grime etc in kitchen makes it vulnerable to dullness. Thus, the backsplashes of materials like marble, mosaic, glass, ceramic or granites etc on the kitchen walls, especially behind the cooking wall and sink are always recommended by architects. The function of every backsplash material is to provide protection to walls from the abovementioned elements. The ease of cleaning the backsplash surface enables the house owner to swipe the oil spills etc and keep the look of the kitchen perfect. Marble has been one of the most used materials in building construction. This natural stone has been used for centuries in some of the most prominent architectural marvels of the world which is the testament to its popularity across the globe. The softness and the serenity of the marble can hardly be matched by any other material. It is widely used as flooring material. The larger size square or rectangular tiles when properly polished and laid in any room can add infinitely to aesthetics of the interiors. You can also choose to use half backsplashes of a large sized slab tile which gives a more monolithic look with few joints. The use of marble as backsplash material in kitchens is popular since long ago. The soft hued marble tiles when used as kitchen backsplash provide a characteristic personality to the kitchen. It makes it look larger and brighter and that is the special effect of using a marble kitchen backsplash. The availability of marble in different natural colors also provides you the option of selecting matching or contrast pattern of your backsplash design. The different sizes in which the marble slabs or tiles are available easily in the local stores allow you to choose the desired size which will be most suitable to your requirements and budget. Like most natural stones, the top finish of the marble is important. Whenever you use marble kitchen backsplash tile , it is important that its top surface should be sealed to prevent stains. Being a soft and porous stone, the marble is prone to stains which are difficult to remove. Similarly, the sealing also helps it to prevent from the attack of citric acid and acetic acid which are commonly used in kitchen food preparation. Another advantage of using marble as kitchen backsplash is that you can also make storage racks or slabs of same or matching marble on these backsplashes. The thoughtfully planned protruded storage marble pieces can hold the weight and provide you space to keep the frequently used ingredient containers on it. The periodic maintenance of marble by professional mason always helps to prolong the durability and finish of marble stone. The availability of marble at local stores and the wide price band width makes it suitable for almost all budgets. So, whether you are remodeling your kitchen or plan to build a new one , a marble kitchen backsplash is a time tested and efficient option.
The United States Successfully Tested a Solar Panel in Space
Photovoltaic power generation has become an important part of new energy power generation in the world. The next goal of the United States is to challenge solar power generation from space and send it back to Earth. Now an important step has been taken.According to reports, researchers at the Pentagon in the United States have successfully tested a solar panel in space a few days ago, measuring 12x12 inches, about the size of a pizza box.This solar panel is called Photovoltaic Radio Frequency Antenna Module (PRAM). It was launched for the first time in May 2020. It is installed on the Pentagon’s X-37B drone and uses light from the sun to convert it into electricity.This drone circulates over the earth every 90 minutes.There is also solar energy on the earth's surface. The reason why it takes so much time to obtain solar energy in space is because the light from space cannot pass through the atmosphere, so the energy of the blue waves is preserved, and the power generation efficiency will be higher.According to Paul Jaffe, the co-developer of the project, the test was a success. The 12x12-inch solar panel successfully generated about 10W of energy, enough to drive a tablet computer.Researchers are currently looking for ways to expand the scale of solar panels. If the technology can be used on a large scale, it is possible to reshape the current way of generating electricity from humans, and obtain energy from space and transmit it to all parts of the world without relying on large-scale power networks. .
Singapore: a Haven of Stability
Aerial view of Singapore’s ever-changing skyline.Despite the sluggish market and weak economic outlook, Singapore is still considered a safe bet by foreign investors, according to analysts.By Michelle YeeAlthough the property cooling measures such as the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD), imposed by the government in 2011 to calm a heated market and avert an asset bubble caused foreign buyers to stay away since 2012, resulting in a a slowdown in the country’s residential market, analysts feel that foreigners are starting to shift their focus back to Singapore, as many of them view the city-state as a safer investment destination as compared to other countries.“In recent years, transaction volumes have been picking up, rising 16 percent year-on-year in 2016, and continuing to be active in 2017. New sales launches are generally doing well, enjoying keen response from buyers. The perception that prices could be bottoming also led many buyers back to the market. In 2016, residential property purchases by foreigners accounted for 6.7 percent of total residential transactions, while in the first five months of 2017, the proportion was slightly higher at 6.9 percent,” shared Ong Teck Hui, National Director, Research and Consultancy at JLL.Last year, Chinese developer Qingjian Realty made headlines when it paid $638 million for Shunfu Ville via a collective sale in May. They also won the tender for a mixed-use development site in Bukit Batok West for $301 million that same month.Similarly, in the commercial sector, sales transactions have also been on an uphill trend.“Activity in Singapore’s office investment sales market (comprising private sector deals above $5 million and all public sector deals) picked up momentum in 2016, following two years of contraction in 2014 and 2015. The overall sales volume hit a nine-year high of $ 9.06 billion in 2016, driven by mega deals such as Qatar Investment Authority’s acquisition of Asia Square Tower 1 for some $3.4 billion, and IOI Properties’ purchase of the Central Boulevard Government Land Sales site for $2.57 billion. Foreign interest in Singapore’s office properties also continued into 2017 with Hong Kong Land, Fullshare Holdings, Simply Swift Limited – a wholly-owned subsidiary of HK-listed Shun Tak Holdings and Lei Shing Hong Properties (Singapore) amongst those who made purchases in the first six months of the year,” added Tay Huey Ying, Head of Research and Consultancy at JLL.Sharing her thoughts on the increase in foreign funds into Singapore, Christine Li, Research Director at Cushman & Wakefield said: “Due to global market volatility as a result of Brexit and the continued deterioration in the oil and gas industry, foreign investors see Singapore as a safer investment destination where investment is fairly protected due to the strength of the Sing dollar.”Why invest in Singapore?Many people from all over the world know Singapore to be a place that is not only stable and effective, but the country also has a strong economy and boasts a world-class education system. That said, another big pull factor for foreign investors is that as compared to other countries in the world dealing with Brexit, an unpredictable Trump presidency in the US, political unrest in the Middle East, as well as terror plots in Europe and some parts of Asia, Singapore is considered to be a very safe place to invest and even live in.“Singapore has strong fundamentals including political stability, economic growth and progress, market transparency and an effective legal system. The residential property market, on the other hand, has a track record of long term capital appreciation. Investors from some nearby countries see Singapore as a safe haven to invest some of their wealth, taking into account the appreciation of the Sing dollar against their currencies,” Ong said.Echoing similar sentiments, Shaun Poh, Executive Director of capital markets at Cushman & Wakefield said, “Although the market is sluggish, Singapore is still a safe bet compared with other developing economies, which may pose more risk and have greater uncertainty.”Luxury apartments with sea views are becoming more popular among buyers.Still a buyer’s marketFor those who are looking to invest in Singapore’s property market, analysts share that now is a good time to buy as it is still a buyer’s market.“The residential market appears close to the bottom of the cycle, and prices are expected to recover after that. Currently, it is still a buyer’s market as purchasers are still price sensitive. Therefore, sellers have been realistic in pricing – for example developers who are trying to move sales in their launches have to price the units realistically to attract buyers. There are numerous projects in good locations such as the prime districts and near MRT stations which could meet the needs of investors,” Ong shared.Analysts point out that foreign investors’ interest for commercial properties have also remained strong as the price gap between buyers and sellers in Singapore has narrowed, following recent price corrections.According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s price index, office prices dipped 0.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016 from the preceding quarter, marking a sixth straight quarter of decline, caused by financial and business services consolidating, while the completion of large projects also caused a short-term supply overhang.Overall, the total price decline in 2016 for office space stood at 2.8 percent, which is much steeper than the 0.1 percent dip reported in 2015.As such, discerning investors who are adopting a mid- to longterm view (about five to 10 years or more), are seizing opportunities to purchase assets in the office sector at lower prices.“Investors continue to be keen on Singapore’s prime office and suburban retail assets, which are closely held and rare to access,” Tay Huey Ying, Research Head at JLL said.Property hotspotsTo get a better idea on which areas and what type of properties foreign buyers favour, we spoke to analysts who shared that foreign investors are currently leaning towards condominiums in the prime districts or city fringe area, as these tend to be more in demand by tenants and could be more competitive for leasing. Developments near MRT stations and amenities are also popular with investors.“The preference is still the prime areas – Districts 9, 10, 11, and District 4 (Sentosa, Keppel Bay) for non-Asian foreigners. That said, Asian foreigners are open to other areas like Queenstown, the Redhill cluster, Buona Vista and Paya Lebar. Most of the draw comes from availability of good quality stock in these areas,” shared Tay Kay Poh, Executive Director and Head of Residential Services, Knight Frank Singapore.Ong from JLL, on the other hand, said that new developments with good attributes generally tend to attract more buyers. “Investors and buyers are usually drawn to developments with good attributes, for example, Seaside Residences in the East Coast area, which is situated near an array of amenities, a future MRT station, and enjoys sea views, found strong demand from buyers. Another example of a project that sold well is Park Place Residences at Paya Lebar Quarter, which is part of a prestigious mixed-use development at Paya Lebar, and is located near an MRT station served by two MRT lines.”What to look out forFor investors who are not sure which areas in Singapore they should invest in, analysts noted that they can begin by looking for properties that are situated close to amenities and are well served by transportation links. “I would recommend locations close to the MRT or transport nodes. For the purpose of investment, investors might wish to consider smaller developments with unique features as this would translate to lesser competition when seeking rental. Lastly, pick developers with brand reputation and have a good track record,” Tay said.NATIONAL HIGHLIGHTSSingapore is home to various high quality residential projects. We highlight two properties that are attracting keen interest from local and foreign buyers.NEW PROJECTSCluny Park ResidenceCluny Park RoadType: Luxury condominiumDeveloper: Tuan Sing HoldingsFacilities: Gymnasium, swimming pools, outdoor grill and lounge, JacuzziNearby Key Amenities: Botanic Gardens, Cold Storage supermarket, banks, specialty stores, clinics, cafes, pubs, bistrosNearest Transport: Botanic Gardens MRT stationStarting Price: S$2,310,000Cluny Park Residence is situated in Cluny Park Road, directly opposite the Botanic Gardens. This 52-unit project is surrounded by lush gardens and tranquil water features.In addition to being surrounded by verdant greenery, Cluny Park Residence is also flanked by a slew of exclusive good class bungalows and foreign embassies.Cluny Park Residence’s unique location also provides easy access to various amenities.For families with young children, they will be pleased to know that there is a string of reputable schools nearby including Nanyang Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and Hwa Chong Institution. Hundred Palms ResidencesYio Chu Kang RoadType: Executive condominiumDeveloper: Hoi Hup RealtyFacilities: Gymnasium, swimming pool, clubhouse, barbecue pitsNearby Key Amenities: Heartland Mall, Hougang Mall, MyVillage at SerangoonNearest Transport: Kovan MRT stationStarting Price: S$715,000Hundred Palms Residences by Hoi Hup Realty is strategically located in the Yio Chu Kang area. This 531- unit project is unlike other executive condominiums as it only features spacious three- to five-bedroom units from 883 sq ft to 1,528 sq ft.Another notable feature is that it is equipped with a slew of smart features such as a digital door lock, an IP camera, and the lights and air-conditioners can be controlled via an app.For entertainment and shopping pursuits, residents can head over to Hougang Mall, Heartland Mall and MyVillage at Serangoon, which are located nearby.
Computing Is Everywhere, Intelligence Is Everywhere
Recently, interop Tokyo 2019 was grandly held at the Messe International Exhibition Hall in muzhang, Tokyo, Japan. This conference shows the new trend of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the industry and is an industrial event for technology manufacturers. Huawei made a heavy debut with intelligent computing products and solutions, among which atlas Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform attracted the attention of participants. At this conference, intelligent computing released atlas 200, Atlas 300 and Atlas 500 series artificial intelligence computing platform products for the first time in Japan. Among them, "Huawei atlas 500 smart station" led the transformation direction of edge computing intelligence with the characteristics of "super AI computing power, cloud edge collaboration and edge deployment", and won the "best of show Award" of 2019 interop Tokyo exhibition.Computing is everywhere and intelligence is everywhereMankind is ushering in the fourth industrial revolution represented by intelligent technology. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5g and bioengineering have been integrated into all aspects of human society. Intelligent technology will promote social sustainable development, become a new driving force for economic growth and drive industrial digital transformation; As the key engine of the fourth industrial revolution, intelligence will promote global progress and development, and the evolution of computing will become an important driving force of the intelligent world.At this conference, Jiang Tao, vice president of strategy and business development of Huawei's intelligent computing business department, shared the theme of "starting with the core and making intelligent computing accessible", and explained Huawei's Intelligent Computing Development Strategy in simple terms to the audience. Based on Kunpeng and shengteng chips, Huawei has built a general-purpose computing oriented Kunpeng computing platform and an artificial intelligence oriented shengteng computing platform. Based on the two computing platforms, Taishan and Atlas Series products and solutions are launched respectively. By building a computing platform covering the whole scene of cloud, edge and end, and cooperating with ecological partners, accelerate the intelligent upgrading of enterprise data center, enable the intelligent reconstruction of the industry, and build an intelligent world with interconnected things.Atlas artificial intelligence computing platform launched to create the strongest AI computing powerAt the conference, Huawei intelligent computing released the atlas 200 AI acceleration module for cameras, robots, UAVs and other intelligent terminal devices for the Japanese market for the first time, the atlas 300 AI acceleration board for the data center, and the atlas 500 intelligent station for edge deployment scenarios, which became the most shining star of the conference.Huawei demonstrated its technical strength in the field of intelligent computing at the interop Tokyo 2019 conference, and is willing to work with all industrial partners to build an interconnected intelligent world. Through deeper technical cooperation and more flexible business model, we will explore and share new dividends in the AI era, help industry customers quickly enter the intelligent era and lead the digital economy.Huawei's intelligent computing products have served more than 10000 customers worldwide, covering 1 / 3 of the world's population, including government and public utilities, Internet, operators, energy, finance, transportation, medical treatment, education, media resources, manufacturing and other industries.
Is There Any Way to Get Floor Tiles Straight When Room Isn't Straight?
Oh boy. No there is no easy way to correct it. They should have started the tiles dead center on an "X".1. not being taken seriously by straight men?If they persist, I would say something like "Look, you are not my type" or "I am not interested in you".. make them feel like they are the reason, not your sexual orientation Although some guys just can not take no for an answer... edit: How come no lesbians answered?? I guess there's no good way....? :/2. how about straight hair .?BUY a CHI straightener they are pretty expensive but work GREAT!!!!!3. "Straight up and down” meaningYes, you can say "draw a line that is straight up and down", and the person should draw a vertical line. Similarly I would understand "straight (from) side to side" to mean horizontal4. Is it normal for straight guys to enjoy assplay?As we turn our back on Victorian prudeness and start actually studying sexuality, we've discovered that there are very few 'purely' straight OR gay people. Almost everyone falls somewhere in the middle, from 'mostly straight but does not mind a little assplay' to 'now I know I am really gay but I used to bang girls a lot'. In short, it's not one or the other, but somewhere in between.5. My long hair that is REAL straight?ok so i do not have the answer you are looking for but i do have something. do you know how many people would kill to have straight long hair?? i wish i did, plenty of people i know which they did and you are so lucky. embrace it and make people jealous of it. also if you get shorter layers it can give it some bounce and if you are lucky a curl/wave. but i mean like short layer (closer to head) ( NOT ALL OF YOUR HAIR, JUST TOP LAYERS)6. straight leg jeans into bootcut?nononononnoononon7. Is this a straight flush?Takes input as a 2D array.Try it8. gay, straight, or bi? and why?straight.... with lesbian tendancies =)9. How to curl straight hair?Take her to a salon10. How to keep hair straight?when you wash your hair blow dry it and brush it out if not use a dorag they work also buy a straightener i have a baby bliss and they work amazingggg11. Do accelerometers know when they are moving straight up or straight down?Firstly it's important to understand how an accelerometer behaves in a gravitational field, such as we experience here on earth. An accelerometer does not measure acceleration, in the sense that it does not measure the change in velocity alone. It measures change in velocity plus gravity - which means that you need to take the measurement of gravity out if you plan to attempt what you outline. Also, the gravity will be measured as an upwards acceleration - which is somewhat counter-intuitive but makes sense if you imagine an accelerometer as being built something like this:simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabI've abused the schematic editor to show a ball bearing suspended in a tube by two perfectly damped springs. Imagine that the accelerometer makes its measurement by telling you how far from the resting position the ball bearing currently is. Now imagine turning this device on its end, and you can see how the ball bearing sags down under gravity, and how this is indistinguishable from acceleration. I think relativity has something to say on this topic, but anyway.So - if you have a vertical accelerometer, and you remove the effect of gravity, and the movements of your device are sufficiently larger than the noise floor of your accelerometer, and moreover the movements are sufficiently smooth to not confuse your algorithm - then it might be possible. There's a answer above that mentions freefall, which would be a problem, but I am assuming from your description that your device will not be in freefall for any length of time. This is a guess though. If you really do want to use an accelerometer your best approach to a problem like this is to record the accelerometer's output somehow (I prefer to output it over SPI and record it using a USB logic analyser) and write down exactly what you do (or even video it, if you are really keen). Then you can play around with algorithms offline, without the overhead of constantly wondering if your Arduino is really doing what you think it is.As others have mentioned, other types of sensor may be more appropriate. We would need more detail about exactly why you are attempting what you are attempting to comment I think
Lightweight Hongmeng OS Has Been Applied to Domestic Household Appliances, and Hongmeng System Is Gr
Recently, according to Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei's consumer business software department, Huawei once again revealed the latest progress of Hongmeng system. In his interview with CDSN, he mentioned that Hongmeng is making good progress and is expected to be released in December this year.In the interview, Wang Chenglu said that at present, more than 120 domestic application manufacturers have cooperated with Hongmeng, and more than 20 cooperative hardware manufacturers, with a total of about 100000 developers participating.The existing lightweight Hongmeng OS has been applied to domestic household appliances, which can help them become more intelligent. For example, Midea may put more than ten products equipped with Hongmeng OS on the shelves for sale during the double 11 this year. From the reservation situation that has been opened, it is very good. At present, the whole household appliance industry adopts Hongmeng, with an overall rapid growth rate.In addition, Wang Chenglu recently talked about the relationship between the newly released emui11 and Hongmeng. He said: "at the beginning of emui11, the relationship between emui11 and Hongmeng has become closer and closer. Some technologies of Hongmeng, such as distributed technology, reuse Hongmeng distributed framework." at the same time, some features of emui11 system, such as performance and scheduling of operating system, File system and so on, some larger functional features have also been inherited into Hongmeng system.Lscssh technology officer's point of view: at present, there are still great doubts about Hongmeng on the domestic network. Even after the developer conference held in September this year, many netizens and insiders still believe that Hongmeng boasts too many ingredients. In fact, I don't think it's necessary. There is a saying: it's a mule or a horse. In December, let's see whether the Hongmeng system is a horse or a waste mule.Editing: hfy
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